Top 10 Startups In Cardiff To Keep An Eye On

Time to dive into the fascinating entrepreneurial landscape of Wales, and where better to start than its capital: Cardiff. At the beating heart of the nation, this burgeoning hub for innovation is witnessing a remarkable surge in startup activity. What better time than now to explore this dynamic landscape?

In this article, we set out on a quest to unveil the top 10 startups in Cardiff. From innovative healthcare products to crafted travel software, these ventures represent the country’s entrepreneurial spirit, each making significant strides across diverse industries.






Established on the principle of mutual cooperation, Stofl is dedicated to fostering sustainable growth and accelerating the adoption of technology in areas where its impact is vital for the betterment of our world. With a vision aimed at ushering in a decentralised, data-centric era, Stofl envisions blockchain technology as the cornerstone of a new tokenised economy.

Central to its mission, Stofl employs a multifaceted approach centred around collaboration and consultancy. Through collaborative efforts, Stofl engages with individual, corporate, and governmental entities to harness existing blockchain solutions, tackling real-world challenges head-on. For instance, Stofl partners with organizations to deploy innovative technologies like the Helium LoRaWAN network, enhancing IoT capabilities globally.

In addition to collaboration, Stofl offers strategic guidance to stakeholders navigating the complexities of the burgeoning blockchain landscape. By advising on the development of pioneering business concepts and solutions tailored to the evolving blockchain market, Stofl aims to address disruptive opportunities ripe for exploration. One such endeavour includes the creation of a distributed chain of custody network, aimed at revolutionizing the transportation and logistics sector by mitigating inherent challenges through blockchain integration.


2. Rescape Innovation Ltd

Rescape Innovation Ltd

A profound mission motivates Rescape Innovation: to enhance the well-being of patients through immersive solutions engineered to drive benefits in patient care, health economics, and equality. At the forefront of their endeavours is their flagship product, DR.VR® – a virtual reality (VR) solution already making waves within the NHS, Care Homes, and Hospices.

Harnessing the power of VR, Rescape hopes to revolutionise patient care nationwide. By democratising access to VR headsets for hospital patients and extending VR care options beyond hospital walls, Rescape envisions normalising VR empathy and experiential training within healthcare practices. At the core of their offering, DR.VR® serves as a distraction therapy solution, adept at alleviating pain, anxiety, and stress to enhance the overall patient experience.

The adaptable nature of the DR.VR® platform enables it to cater to a spectrum of care and therapeutic pathways, including being used within ICUs to mitigate pain and anxiety while aiding patient recovery. Rescape is even developing DR.VR® Junior specifically tailored for children’s hospitals.

Espeically in a post-pandemic world, the significance of startups like Rescape becomes more pronounced. Their commitment to innovation and empathy, coupled with their cost-effective training solutions for care and emergency services, is a proactive approach to addressing the needs of our healthcare services.


3. Route Konnect


Route Konnect


Route Konnect recognises that, in today’s urban landscapes, the demand for accurate traffic data extends far beyond counting cars at traffic lights. Urban planners, traffic surveyors, and local authorities need comprehensive, interconnected insights into how commuters navigate through cities. In response to this need, Route Konnect has introduced a groundbreaking innovation: a world-first solution that swiftly, precisely, and automatically maps entire journeys across multiple camera sites, all without resorting to facial recognition technology.

Employing cutting-edge video analytics, Route Konnect offers an understanding of vehicle movements within urban spaces. This invaluable tool helps its customers to enhance urban design and optimise traffic flow in real-time, resulting in savings in time, money, and environmental resources. By using footage from standard traffic survey cameras and advanced AI algorithms, Route Konnect automatically detects, counts, and categorises vehicles, monitoring these vehicles across multiple camera feeds to analyse traffic flows, volumes, and turn counts.

Route Konnect hopes not only to foster sustainable and efficient urban living but also a more enjoyable city experience. By promoting healthier, safer, and more livable urban environments, Route Konnect aims to enhance the quality of life for its residents.


4. EverKnock




Buying a home is known to be one of the most stressful endeavours we go through in life, but at EverKnock, this doesn’t have to be the case. With a staggering one in three home purchases collapsing entirely and many fraught with anxiety and confusion, with little to no guidance along the way, it’s clear that the traditional approach is due for a much-needed overhaul.

Enter EverKnock, poised to revolutionise the home-buying experience. Gone are the days of juggling multiple service providers with little guidance; EverKnock’s innovative personal assistant streamlines the entire process, consolidating all necessary tasks into one convenient platform. This comprehensive approach not only saves time and reduces stress but also helps you complete the move up to 40% faster than the national average.

The platform’s Homemover Pack provides you with everything you need for your big move. From legal fees and mortgages to surveys, removals, and insurance, every essential element is meticulously coordinated to ensure a seamless transition, helping its customers to enter the journey to their new home with ease and confidence.


5. Porter





Porter’s team of seasoned travel experts has crafted travel software tailored to enhance the guest experience and boost revenue for hotels. With a commitment to personalised service, its friendly team is dedicated to assisting hotels in achieving their goals. Introducing Porter Upsells – a dynamic solution designed to empower hotels from day one.

Porter understands that there is no one-size-fits-all solution here, tailoring its services to suit you and your guests. Its platform empowers hotels to effortlessly offer tailored upsell options, enhancing the guest experience and driving additional revenue even before check-in. Whether it’s crafting personalised upsell products, creating bespoke branding, or building a custom checkout experience, Porter provides comprehensive support every step of the way.

It all starts with a simple demo to understand how the platform works and discuss various options. Once you’re ready, leave the heavy lifting to Porter – it’ll handle everything from building your portal to putting it live. Sit back, relax, and watch the revenue flow in as Porter works tirelessly to optimise your hotel’s upselling potential.



6. SmallSpark




SmallSpark has the not-so-small vision of redefining spacecraft. With a clear objective of speeding up the execution of concepts in space, SmallSpark is dedicated to accelerating design, planning, and payload integration processes.

Recognising the necessity for agility within the industry, SmallSpark aims to pave the way for a more flexible and modular future, where spacecraft can be swiftly developed for specific objectives at a fraction of the traditional cost. At the forefront of this endeavour are the Mission Management Suite platform and the CIPHER payload interfacing unit – SmallSpark’s initial forays toward this transformative vision.

The Mission Management Suite is tailored to cater to NewSpace businesses of all sizes, facilitating collaborative mission and systems design. Enhanced by cutting-edge mission-driven design automation technologies, this platform represents a significant stride toward realizing SmallSpark’s ambitious goals.


7. Tendertec




Tendertec specialises in developing AI-powered technologies aimed at bridging the gap between care professionals, families, and vulnerable individuals, equipping them with the necessary knowledge to promote health, independence, and safety. In the wake of the pandemic, Tendertec stands at the forefront of ushering in a new era of connected care, positively impacting the lives of millions worldwide.

With a steadfast vision, Tendertec aspires to empower ageing populations through the strategic deployment of technology. Their commitment lies in crafting data-driven solutions that are not only cost-effective and personalised but also geared towards prevention. By harnessing the potential of technology to effectuate positive change, Tendertec is dedicated to building a future where connected care fosters improved well-being and quality of life for all.


8. Yoello




Yoello’s revolutionary mobile payment solution empowers your customers to take control of their payment experience, ensuring they enjoy an unparalleled guest experience. Unlike conventional payment platforms, this system is tailored specifically for businesses, offering a versatile and multifaceted platform.

Enjoy Yoello’s many smart features, including a personalised QR menu, a tip function for staff, seamless multi-vendor ordering for customers, hassle-free guest checkout, and competitive transaction fees. With multilingual capabilities and digital receipt functionality, the platform caters to diverse needs. Plus, with its app-less ordering and payment option, customers can easily place orders directly from your website without any downloads required.

Yoello’s state-of-the-art features help you stay at the head of the curve, including comprehensive reporting tools and customer analytics which can help you invaluable insights into your clientele to drive informed decision-making and elevate your business performance. Trusted by thousands of merchants worldwide, Yoello stands out for its unique and stress-free solution to mobile ordering.


9. Antiverse




Antiverse is pioneering the development of cutting-edge antibody design technology, poised to revolutionise the field by tackling even the most elusive drug targets, such as G-protein coupled receptors and ion channels. With groundbreaking technology, Antiverse can seamlessly transition from target identification to functional antibody production in a mere 6 months.

Its approach involves custom-designing antibody libraries tailored to each target, utilising sophisticated models that predict sequences with exceptional binding potential, all without relying on pre-existing data. Through rigorous screening, Antiverse generates unique cell lines expressing millions of desired receptors, maximising the likelihood of discovering high efficacy and affinity binders. The resulting panning outputs undergo comprehensive deep sequencing, analysing sequences across 20 antibody properties to refine our selections.

By pushing the boundaries of epitope expertise, employing strategic antibody design strategies, and adhering to accelerated timelines, Antiverse tailors its programs to meet your specific needs, transforming the complexities of antibody design into unprecedented opportunities for success.


10. Credas




Credas is dedicated to transforming your onboarding process through the implementation of cutting-edge technology, setting new standards in compliance and due diligence management. Its user-friendly compliance platform can be easily configured to suit your needs, making the onboarding process both engaging and efficient for you and your customers. From ID verification to compliance checks and data capture forms, Credas offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines the entire customer onboarding journey.

Its innovative solution simplifies what was once a complex procedure, allowing you to verify your customers swiftly and seamlessly, regardless of their location. Leveraging facial recognition, document authentication, and global data checks, Credas delivers real-time identity verification solutions whatever the market and sector.