10 Startups In Edinburgh To Keep An Eye On

Nestled within the vibrant cityscape of Edinburgh lies a burgeoning ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship, where pioneering startups are reshaping industries and capturing the imagination of investors and consumers alike.

Curious? In this article, we delve into the dynamic landscape of Edinburgh’s startup community to spotlight 10 remarkable initiatives poised to make waves in their respective fields, exemplifying the spirit of innovation that defines Edinburgh as a hub of creativity and enterprise.


1. Reath


Reath is on a mission to revolutionise the way packaging is reused. After engaging with numerous companies to understand why they weren’t adopting reusable packaging, Reath aims to drive them towards more sustainable practices.

Currently, Reath is collaborating to expand circular packaging systems on a global scale. Their comprehensive tool supports every phase of a business’s journey towards reuse. Initially, Reath’s insight tools establish a business and environmental case for reusable packaging. Then, it ensures traceability for reusable packaging throughout its lifecycle, from production to usage to end-of-life. Finally, businesses can leverage Reath’s analytical capabilities to monitor and optimise the performance of their packaging systems.

Through these efforts, Reath enables the creation of new sustainable packaging offerings while enabling clients to easily digitise their reusable packaging fleet. This facilitates the capture of crucial information about both the reusable packaging asset and its interactions, fostering greater accountability and sustainability across the supply chain.


2. Rhizocore Technologies


Rhizocore Technologies


Rhizocore Technologies specialises in cultivating locally adapted mycorrhizal fungi to enhance the success of tree-planting endeavours. By harnessing the power of native fungi, Rhizocore Technologies offers a sustainable solution aimed at expediting woodland regeneration, enhancing forest productivity, and maximising natural capital benefits.

Unlike traditional methods reliant on networks of fungi that diminish once host trees are removed, Rhizocore Technologies employs a straightforward yet innovative approach. Their product, a simple cube of fungi pellets, serves to restore woodland ecosystems effectively. Each pellet contains locally sourced fungi tailored to the specific planting site. Placing one alongside a young sapling in the soil ensures optimal conditions for the tree’s successful establishment in its new environment, paving the way for robust growth and longevity for generations to come.


3. Continuum Industries


Continuum Industries


Continuum Industries is dedicated to facilitating faster, lower-risk, and more sustainable project development, from initial concept to obtaining consent, all through a powerful cloud-based platform. This innovative approach not only reduces program durations but also streamlines comprehensive route selection and fosters consensus among key stakeholders.

This is to achieve the company’s mission to accelerate the world’s transition to renewable energy by helping the infrastructure industry teleport itself into the digital age, thereby delivering greater benefits for both people and the planet.

Whether it involves onshore or offshore cables, overhead power lines, or pipelines, Continuum Industries’ AI-powered platform, Optioneer, accelerates project development programs. By simultaneously evaluating numerous complex design criteria across millions of potential routes, Optioneer generates an optimised shortlist of tailored options, facilitating a more robust route assessment process.


4. PlayerData




PlayerData offers users a seamless solution to monitor, download, and analyse performance using its sports GPS tracker vest. Simply set up this lightweight GPS tracker by inserting it into your PlayerData sports GPS tracker vest in under 30 seconds, then train or play as usual while the vest tracks and records your performance data for the session. Once you’re done, sync your data wirelessly to your device in minutes.

Within a short span of time, all your GPS tracker data is processed and readily available in the cloud, allowing you to effortlessly access all your key performance metrics.

Trusted by over 30,000 athletes and utilised by 900 teams, PlayerData’s swift and user-friendly analysis is already making a significant impact for coaches, athletes, and club leaders alike.


5. Pawprint




Pawprint is dedicated to helping businesses integrate sustainability practices throughout their organisation by focusing on the driving force behind it all: their employees. With the expertise of Pawprint’s professionals, organisations can undergo thorough mapping, goal-setting, prioritisation of impactful actions, and development of strategies to supercharge their sustainability initiatives.

Central to this people-centric approach is the activation of employees to spearhead sustainability practices. Empowering employees to take actions aligned with goals while enhancing their understanding of carbon emissions is key, fostering healthy competition through team challenges, leaderboards, and Sprint challenges and recognising and incentivising actions with perks and charitable contributions.

Pawprint also facilitates the reporting of impact by tracking real-time carbon reduction resulting from employee actions, gathering GHG Protocol-aligned Scope 3 data, monitoring goal progress, and benchmarking results. By identifying opportunities for low-hanging carbon and cost reductions, organisations can accelerate progress towards their sustainability objectives.



6. Stamp Free Limited



This innovative solution revolutionises traditional mailing, shipping, and returns by leveraging AI technology. Stamp Free Digital Shipping Solution allows its customers to effortlessly send parcels and manage returns anytime, anywhere, using just a smartphone app. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional mail – no stamps, postage labels, or printers needed.

Operating through advanced technology, this solution offers unparalleled convenience. Users simply select the required postage, make online payments, and utilise the generated digicode to send their mail. With the company’s cutting-edge AI technology, handwriting is swiftly scanned and verified, streamlining the delivery process. This seamless experience benefits both individuals and businesses alike, offering a cost-effective and efficient mailing solution.


7. Bevvy




If you’re passionate about whisky, look no further than bevvy – your ultimate destination for whisky discovery. This cutting-edge platform employs image-capturing software, enabling any mobile camera to scan and identify whisky bottles seamlessly. Available on both Android and iOS mobile applications, bevvy’s solution goes beyond mere identification. It delves into profiling each bottle with curated content, including distillery and bottler overviews, dynamic pricing data, and expert tasting notes, ensuring you savour every sip to the fullest.

This user-friendly tool provides access to a wealth of information, allowing you to fully comprehend each whisky bottle in terms of taste, history, and pricing.

Furthermore, bevvy is currently looking forward to its partnership with the upcoming Edinburgh Whisky Festival 2024, a celebration of whisky and its rich heritage, while also supporting the My Name’s Doddie Foundation through fundraising efforts.


8. Ember




Experience fast, comfortable travel with Ember’s innovative electric buses. Embark on journeys across popular destinations like Edinburgh, Dundee, Glasgow, Stirling, Kinross, and Edinburgh Airport aboard the UK’s first all-electric bus services. Enjoy not only affordable fares and live tracking but also the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re using a mode of transport that emits zero carbon emissions.

Ember buses are meticulously designed to be good for both the planet and for you. Enjoy comfortable seating, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity, dedicated spaces for bikes and wheelchairs, and the assistance of friendly drivers. With flexible ticketing options allowing changes and cancellations, along with real-time tracking through a live map, Ember takes the stress out of travel, ensuring you’re never left waiting around.


9. Bull Project


Bull Project


Tap into the wealth of talent in Latin America with Bull Project. This groundbreaking platform offers an innovative hiring solution designed to streamline every aspect of the process, from talent search to contract management and payroll, Bull Project ensures ultimate convenience for employers.

With Bull Project, access the finest remote workers from across LatAm’s talent pool. From onboarding to offboarding, the platform handles it all, including contract automation to ensure compliance with local standards.

Additionally, Bull Project supports financial operations by automating payment distribution through cryptocurrency, facilitating seamless wage and salary payments directly to collaborators’ Web3 Wallets on their preferred blockchain. Moreover, Bull Project simplifies HR and payroll management, minimising ongoing administrative burdens by consolidating payroll into one monthly invoice for all remote collaborators.


10. DataPal




DataPal serves as your personal data management solution – a smart digital filing cabinet tailored to your needs. With DataPal, take charge of your personal information and ensure its safety by sharing only with trusted connections who handle your data responsibly, ideal for individual use and as a data storage solution for organisations.

Enter as much or as little data as you desire, with the assurance that only you can access the information you’ve inputted, and only share it with trusted parties. Any modifications made to your data by you or your trusted third parties are meticulously logged in the history folder, providing transparency into the handling of your data at all times.