Top Startups In Exeter To Keep An Eye On

Nestled in the heart of Devon, Exeter is not only abundant in natural beauty but also boasts a thriving entrepreneurial scene. As such, the city has emerged as a hub for startups to flourish and is home to a diverse array of promising startups poised to make waves in their respective industries.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the top startups in Exeter that are worth keeping an eye on. From disruptive ideas to bold visions, these companies are reshaping the landscape of Exeter’s business scene and beyond.


Quanterra Systems



Quanterra Systems provides a robust, affordable and timely measurement of ecosystem carbon flows so that society can have confidence in nature-based solutions to climate change. Just like a cash register measures financial flows and provides valuable insight into the health of a retail business, Quanterra Systems is developing a service that provides automated insights into the health of an ecosystem.

Its technology measures the flow of CO2 between an ecosystem and the atmosphere. We provide an “ecosystem monitoring as a service” approach which combines cutting-edge hardware and specialist data processing, deployed and managed by Quanterra’s experts. This minimises hassle for our customers and partners, giving them more time to focus on ecosystem management.

We provide our customers with data at a temporal resolution that works best for them – ranging from 30 minutes to monthly. Alongside CO2 we provide information about other important indicators of ecosystem health including measures of water and energy exchanges. We’re currently exploring opportunities to extend our system to include other trace gases, such as methane.


Intelligent AI Limited

In a world of global pandemics, financial crashes, and increasingly complex business risks, insurers, brokers and corporates need to have near real-time, location-based risk insights to make better decisions. Enter Intelligent AI – a comprehensive platform designed to provide actionable intelligence using cutting-edge predictive algorithms, risk data and intuitive visualisations, empowering you to achieve more intelligent outcomes and take action on what matters most.

At the core of Intelligent AI’s mission lies the belief that intelligent insights pave the way for superior business decisions, ultimately contributing to a better world. With a commitment to facilitating informed decision-making at accelerated speeds, Intelligent AI has developed the Intelligent Risk Underwriting platform, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to deliver actionable insights.

Through its innovative Digital Twin technology, Intelligent AI enables the digitalisation of commercial property portfolios, offering comprehensive risk analysis across all locations. This addresses the challenge of understanding risk at scale, offering visual dashboards that highlight risk metrics at individual locations, client levels, or portfolio-wide, facilitating crucial benchmarking.

Ultimately, its technology allows businesses to gain the ability to effectively manage commercial property risks, enabling data-driven decision-making and optimal resource allocation toward value-added tasks.


MyDay App



MyDay is on a bold mission to revolutionise business culture, paving the way for a sustainable future. Departing from conventional norms, MyDay positions itself as a changemaker, dedicated to empowering individuals to reach their full potential while fostering a culture that aligns with carbon neutrality goals.

Through its innovative app, users engage in a wide array of well-being activities, spanning from everyday pursuits like nutrition and fitness to more subtle acts of altruism and peer recognition. Each action logged earns users valuable Planet Points, which can be instantly exchanged for gold standard carbon credits. This unique approach ensures that as individual well-being flourishes, so does organisational culture, all while making meaningful strides towards carbon reduction targets.

MyDay’s overarching vision is clear: to provide socially responsible companies with the tools and insights necessary to shape a thriving culture and prioritise well-being initiatives, all while making a real impact on the pressing environmental challenges of our time.



As XR and spatial computing experiences gain traction, the demand for adaptive and personalised XR solutions tailored to individual needs and specific contexts increases. However, developing such solutions presents significant challenges. Enter Cineon: a platform dedicated to addressing these challenges, thus emerging as a frontrunner in immersive technology training.

Cineon’s training solutions leverage cutting-edge immersive and eye-tracking technologies to deliver unparalleled training experiences in real-world high-risk environments. At the forefront of its offerings stands PAVE, the flagship product, which harnesses eye-tracking data to evaluate an individual’s proficiency and psychological state within a given task. This data is then seamlessly integrated into virtual or digital environments in real time, enhancing the training experience.

Driven by a commitment to evidence-based research and immersive techniques, Cineon strives to elevate the efficiency of human performance training, setting a new standard for immersive learning experiences.



Co Charger



Co Charger is spearheading the acceleration of electric vehicle (EV) adoption with its innovative app. Designed to address the challenge faced by individuals unable to install a charger at home, Co Charger offers convenient charging opportunities just minutes away, fostering a community-driven approach to EV charging and encouraging everyone that now is the time to swap to an EV.

This democratises EV ownership by extending the benefits of home charging to all, regardless of what type of home they live in. After all, we won’t be able to move away from fossil fuel vehicles and towards our net zero future if sustainable solutions are limited to those who can afford expensive and space-invasive solutions. Co Charger recognises the need to bridge this gap, as around half of motorists live in places where having a home charger is not viable and these people are thus five times less likely to switch to EVs.

With a vision to combat climate change and promote sustainability on a global scale, Co Charger strives to make EV ownership accessible to everyone. By inspiring and empowering EV charger owners to share their resources with those without access to chargers, Co Charger envisions a future where reliable and affordable charging options are available to all.



Lifley emerges as a pre-seed investment tech startup with a compelling vision: to identify and empower talented individuals, fostering a sense of unity by uniting them through activity. Leveraging the transformative power of sports, Lifley aims to enhance physical and mental well-being, instil discipline and dedication, and cultivate strong social skills, equipping individuals with the tools for success.

Through Lifley, users can engage in an array of activities, from local club participation to global sports communities. Additionally, the platform provides access to personalised lifestyle and training advice from coaches and healthcare professionals and offers individuals the chance to showcase their talents on regional, national, and international stages, laying the foundation for budding sporting careers.

Ultimately, Lifley’s mission is to build a global network through sports, providing opportunities for knowledge exchange, inspiration, and meaningful connections. Lifley aspires to contribute to healthier, happier, and more prosperous lifestyles for all by facilitating the discovery of talented athletes worldwide and uniting them through their shared passions.





MatSoil is dedicated to introducing solutions to save our environment, striving to offer sustainable solutions to address the global issue of fine dust pollution. With a commitment to combatting this widespread challenge, MatSoil aims to provide the most effective and environmentally friendly materials available.

At MatSoil, this innovative platform prioritises the stabilisation of soil to ensure the vitality of ecosystems, all while adhering to eco-friendly practices and maintaining affordability. With its comprehensive range of services, MatSoil guarantees 100% satisfaction, serving a wide geographical area to maximise our impact on environmental conservation.


Re-flow Field Management

Re-flow Field Management

Re-flow revolutionises field management with its innovative software, empowering you and your team to take charge of operations. For field operations managers, maintaining focus, staying updated, and ensuring compliance across remote sites can be difficult. That’s where Re-flow steps in, eliminating the hassle of chasing emails, paper trails, and endless phone calls.

With Re-flow’s field management software, you regain control through real-time job, document, and workflow management. Track your team’s whereabouts, monitor their tasks, and oversee the information they collect – all in one centralised platform. Trusted by companies in construction, highways, landscaping, civil engineering, and telecoms, Re-flow streamlines operations, enhances efficiency, and saves valuable time and resources, allowing you to stay laser-focused on project completion.

Its user-friendly interface facilitates seamless data exchange between operations and team members. Beyond data collection, Re-flow offers unique features such as logic-based process enforcement, instant compliance updates, and real-time communication of changes. With visibility into job progress and data submission in real-time, both managers and on-ground teams can make informed, data-driven decisions swiftly. With Re-flow, field management becomes efficient, streamlined, and data-rich, empowering you to drive success in every project.