These Startups Are Helping Young Workers’ Chronic Back Problems

Young adults in Britain are collectively suffering from back problems and back pains, especially lately. The British Chiropractic Association reports 50% of 18-24 year olds have experienced them in the past 2 years. In this 50% over 1/3 were fully unable to work due to the back complications. It was reported that 14% of them were not working for almost a year.

Why Is Back Pain So Common?

A few things could contribute to this:

Work/Life Routines: Many young adults spend long hours sitting for work or studying, or even social media and gaming, outside of work. Sitting for too long can bring stiffness and pain.

Catherine Quinn, President of the BCA, points out, “The prevalence of back pain issues among young adults, particularly those caused by inactivity from their jobs, is alarming to see” .

Poor Working Conditions For Remote Work: The change to remote work has led to poor ergonomics, with many working from non-ideal setups like beds or sofas to work from.

Inactivity: A lack of regular physical activity can weaken muscles and contribute to back problems.


Managing And Preventing Back Pain


To manage and prevent back pain, young adults should have a look at applying the following

  • Taking 20-30 minute breaks between work sessions
  • Creating a comfortable and solid working space, as a remote worker, especially
  • Mobility exercises to loosen the joints and muscles
  • Consulting with professionals and businesses who specialise in treating back problems, especially in severe cases

Listening to your body is so important when identifying problem areas and conditions such as these. For young people especially, there is plenty time to solve the condition before it becomes chronic and untreatable.


Startups Helping With Back Pains


These startups see the rising issue among young workers and society as a whole, and they are solving back problems with their offerings. Here’s more about them…


Contour Design – SliderMouse Pro and RollerMouse Pro



Both products have all the features associated with an ordinary mouse, but instead of sitting with arms out to the side, the new product series ensures that the hands are centred.

Both mice also ensure that the wrist maintains a natural angle at all times, avoiding the ‘bended’ angle, where the entire weight of the hand rests on the little finger side of the wrist, which is the case when working with an ordinary mouse. These things together ensure that a worker avoids the harmful strain on elbows and wrists as well as shoulders, back and neck.

Both mice have a panel located in the middle, from which the customisable buttons can be operated to copy and paste or navigate back and forth. Both products connect to PC or Mac via Bluetooth, USB receiver or cable and have a battery life of approximately 3 months.

Although the price point of the Roller/Slider Mouse Pro could be perceived as high, these products are built to last for more than 10 years. Dividing the cost of the product into years and days users pay a very small cost per day to prevent neck, shoulder and elbow issues that could last a lifetime.


ARVRA Wellness



ARVRA provides extensive information and content on the key aspects of wellbeing via a user-friendly app. The service is personalised by also providing face-to-face access to over 28 highly qualified wellness experts, such as nutritionists, life coaches, sports therapists and CBT therapists.

ARVRA takes a holistic approach to delivering wellbeing solutions. It provides its users with proactive tools, techniques, and tips to have a positive impact, regardless of their circumstances and the challenges they may face.

Focusing on the five key dimensions of wellbeing; movement, nutrition, recovery, mindfulness and self-development ARVRA is able to provide a greater impact and a balanced approach to wellbeing. The app helps users to build new daily and weekly habits which enable them to better handle the pressures and stresses of modern life, empowering users to take control of their own wellbeing.







BackHug, launched by a physiotherapist, offers relief from back pain using 26 robotic fingers that replicate physical therapy techniques. This device scans and treats stiff joints along the spine, providing effective treatment on demand. Users report a substantial reduction in pain, with one user noting a drop from a pain level of 8-9 to 2-3.

BackHug also integrates a chatbot for personalised care, creating tailored treatment programs based on individual needs. The device has garnered positive reviews for its ability to reduce pain, spasms, and medication use, making it a valuable tool for those suffering from chronic back issues. Its app-controlled personalisation and back tension tracking enhance user experience, providing lasting relief from aches and pains.





HeroWear’s Apex 2 exosuit, introduced in 2023, aims to reduce muscle fatigue and strain for workers in physically demanding roles. The suit supports lifting tasks by taking off over 100 lbs of back strain, allowing users to perform their jobs with less discomfort. Its lightweight design ensures full freedom of movement, fitting various body shapes and sizes.

The Apex 2 helps create safer workplaces by taking down the risk of musculoskeletal injuries and reducing worker fatigue by 40%. This results in fewer missed workdays and higher productivity. The exosuit is part of HeroWear’s commitment to improving the quality of life for workers, ensuring they have the energy to enjoy life outside of work.


VIDA – Vitrue Health



VIDA provides an AI-driven platform to reduce musculoskeletal problems among desk workers while ensuring DSE compliance. It automates ergonomic assessments and offers personalised interventions, really lowering pain intensity by an average of 34%. VIDA’s proactive approach helps identify risks for musculoskeletal issues before they become severe.

The platform supports 95% of desk workers with pain and integrates easily with organisational systems, saving time and costs. Users benefit from tailored follow-up programs that help manage existing pain and prevent new injuries, making it a comprehensive solution for workplace health.


Kaia Health




Kaia Health’s digital therapy app, Kaia Back Pain, offers a holistic approach to managing back pain through physiotherapy exercises, relaxation techniques, and educational content. Available on prescription in the UK, the app provides personalised treatment plans accessible via smartphones and tablets.

Users have reported a 33% reduction in pain after three months of use. The app aims to improve quality of life by helping users understand and manage their symptoms effectively. Kaia Health ensures data security and follows strict medical guidelines, making it a reliable option for those seeking relief from back pain.