Top Startups In Leicester To Keep An Eye On

For those who have yet to delve into Leicester’s burgeoning hub of innovative startups, this is an opportunity ripe for exploration. After all, as this dynamic startup scene flourishes, it’s an exhilarating moment to witness the emergence of visionary ventures.

Come along as we embark on a journey through Leicester’s entrepreneurial landscape, shining a spotlight on the most promising startups poised to leave a mark on the city and shape the future of their respective industries.


Shifa Technologies Limited

Shifta Technologies Ltd was born out of the urgent need for COVID-19 response efforts. With a core mission to address the escalating demand for ventilators in healthcare facilities, the company was founded to research, design, test, produce, commercialise, and supply low-cost ventilators. These ventilators are tailored to meet the specific needs of health facilities, boasting low-tech designs that minimise reliance on a power supply. One such innovation is the ShiVent, the company’s flagship product, a non-electric, non-invasive ventilator operating on BubbleCPAP principles.

The platform creates such products because it is driven by a commitment to make a tangible impact on global healthcare. Shifta Technologies Ltd firmly believes in the power of innovation to tackle the world’s most pressing health challenges, and the company stands out for its relentless pursuit of new ideas and approaches led by a team of dedicated individuals passionate about developing groundbreaking technologies and interventions that can transform how we approach healthcare.

From its inception, Shifta Technologies Ltd has prioritised efficiency and affordability without compromising on quality or safety. By harnessing cutting-edge technology and innovative business models, the company is forging ahead to create a thriving enterprise poised to enhance the well-being of millions worldwide.






Predictiva specialises in developing artificial intelligence (AI) models tailored for financial analysis and autonomous trading. Operating within a SaaS cloud environment, the company leverages advanced machine learning (ML) algorithms to craft innovative solutions. By merging cutting-edge technical expertise with deep industry knowledge, Predictiva aspires to evolve into a globally recognised multi-unit organisation with a loyal and ever-growing client base.

At the core of Predictiva’s mission lies a commitment to democratising access to the latest technologies worldwide. Through its provision of AI and Data Analytics as a Service, the platform aims to tackle complex optimisation challenges within financial markets. Employing state-of-the-art Deep Reinforcement Learning algorithms, Predictiva endeavours to redefine Financial Intelligence, striving to generate predictable profits while mitigating risks effectively.

Central to Predictiva’s ethos is transparent communication, fostering a culture of well-being and creativity among its team members, and an unwavering dedication to innovation. By relentlessly pursuing new and innovative ideas, we’re excited to see how the company will endeavour to make advanced technology accessible to all.


GenGame Ltd



GenGame Ltd develops apps designed to assist individuals in effectively managing their energy consumption, leading to cost savings and reduced carbon emissions. These apps play a crucial role in driving a consumer-led low-carbon transition. By engaging users with innovative energy technologies such as electric vehicles (EVs), solar power, energy storage, and smart meters, GenGame collaborates with utility companies to customise and optimise its products to align with their business objectives.

These apps are continuously improving and evolving through extensive user research and testing, ensuring a seamless user experience. From account management and energy bill tracking to meter readings and payments, GenGame’s apps offer comprehensive solutions for zero-touch customers. Empowering users with valuable insights, these apps facilitate maximising the benefits of smart meters, aiding in energy conservation efforts and incentivising positive behaviours through points and prizes.

Furthermore, GenGame’s smart charging app assists customers in accessing the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly electricity options for charging their vehicles, whether at home or on the go. By rewarding users for making sustainable choices, the app encourages environmentally conscious behaviour while promoting financial savings.


Pace To Race App


Pace To Race App


How familiar is this scenario: You set off too fast on a run only to find yourself running out of energy before you reach the finish line. If so, time to introduce yourself with Pace To Race. Backed by scientific research showing the benefits of pacing in enhancing focus and optimising running performance, Pace To Race offers an AI running coach and virtual pacer designed to help you unlock your full potential in both training sessions and races by maintaining perfect pacing. All you need is your mobile phone, as the app is readily available for download on both the App Store and Google Play.

Pace To Race presents a refreshingly simple and effective solution to this common problem. While traditional apps, wearables, and training plans may strive to help you achieve your goals, they often lack a practical means of doing so. Pace To Race fills this gap, offering the solution you’ve been seeking.

Prepare to elevate your running experience with Pace To Race’s next-generation running app, featuring an AI running coach and virtual pacer that provide real-time guidance to help you accomplish goals that were previously out of reach. Your virtual companion accompanies you on every run, adhering to your workouts, training plans, and race strategies, and delivering nearly instant feedback to help you adjust your pace and stay on track with your plan.



The Pension Lab


The Pension Lab


The Pension Lab revolutionises pension transfers with its seamless, frictionless, and compliant end-to-end solution. This unique platform streamlines the entire pension transfer process, from locating pensions and efficiently gathering policy information to initiating and processing transfers automatically. By tailoring a comprehensive consolidation journey to meet the specific needs of its clients, The Pension Lab ensures a hassle-free experience.

The platform offers accessibility through three distinct avenues, catering to various business requirements and integration preferences. Whether you prefer embedding functionality within your existing experiences or accessing ready-made solutions that necessitate no development, The Pension Lab offers customisable options to accommodate your preferences.

Fueled by a fervent commitment to innovative technological solutions and a vision for overcoming cross-industry challenges, Pension Lab has burgeoned into a thriving enterprise, delivering cutting-edge solutions within the financial sector.


Inicio AI


Inicio AI


Inico AI understands the perpetual struggle faced in managing income and expenditure, exacerbated by impersonal robotic customer services and challenges in demonstrating a commitment to regulatory compliance and customer satisfaction. All this can ultimately add up to a frustrating and stressful experience for all involved.

To alleviate these vexing issues, enter Inico AI, offering a pioneering solution to put an end to this ordeal. The platform introduces a specialised virtual agent trained in managing Income and Expenditure, promising enhanced Customer Experience (CX) and robust outcomes. Clients can now effortlessly gather a continuous stream of income and expenditure data around the clock, resulting in not just satisfied, but genuinely relieved customers.


Daydreamer Project



Introducing The Daydreamer Project: an innovative recruitment initiative infused with a social mission. Its overarching vision? To combat homelessness in Leicester by creating pathways to employment for the homeless population. This project was born from the belief that individuals with aspirations can pursue careers aligned with their passions, interests, and transferable skills.

Although The Daydreamer Project may be a small endeavour, its aspirations are significant. We’re excited to see what this initiative has in store when they launch their website.




Recognizing the diverse needs of every learner, Kiteract introduces Kinteract’s Learning Journey Solution (LJS) to support and propel each student’s unique educational path. This innovative solution revolutionises how forward-thinking schools document, monitor, and celebrate student progress.

With Kinteract’s LJS, individualised learning journeys are crafted to reflect the distinctive needs and strengths of each student. By seamlessly integrating observations, Next Steps, Assessments, and Targets, the platform provides schools, caregivers, and learners with a comprehensive overview of their educational journey and accomplishments.

This holistic approach facilitates interesting and insightful observations on individual learners or cohorts, enabling the generation of both formative and summative assessments, and setting clear targets with easily accessible next steps that can be instantly communicated and tracked.