10 Startups In Liverpool To Keep An Eye On

Already renowned for its vibrant music, art, nightlife, and rich history, Liverpool has also become a thriving centre for emerging companies poised to make a significant impact locally and beyond. As this city continues to evolve as a hub for innovation, we’ve curated a list of 10 startups that are making waves and demand your attention.

Join us as we delve into these fascinating startup stories, each representing a unique facet of Liverpool’s entrepreneurial landscape.


1. Better2Earth




Kicking off with Better2Earth, a pioneering platform dedicated to integrating ecology and engineering to foster sustainable solutions rooted in the power of nature. This dynamic team of specialists, experts, and volunteers forms a formidable life sciences enterprise collaborating with academic institutions and industry partners worldwide. Their mission? To enhance and maintain a high quality of life for all.

Better2Earth’s innovative products and services are meticulously crafted to combat biodiversity loss, safeguard ecosystems, and ensure food safety. Recognising these as crucial elements for climate mitigation and humanity’s survival, the team endeavours to halt environmental degradation. Their efforts yield manifold benefits, both productive and economic.

Enter Aqua2Pure, a revolutionary water treatment solution that extracts contaminants from water and wastewater, thereby promoting ocean health and supplying safe drinking water. Meanwhile, Air2Pure targets air quality improvement by naturally deodorising noxious gases emitted from agricultural and industrial processes. Finally, Crop2Boost, crop yields are enhanced while reducing water and fertiliser usage, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.


2. Enturi Solutions Ltd


Enturi Solutions Ltd


Amidst the pressure for UK companies to decarbonise, Enturi emerges as a prime example of sustainable innovation. Specialising in the development of off-grid wind-powered distributed energy systems, Enturi aims to play a pivotal role in advancing Net Zero objectives and ensuring future energy security.

Renewable energy stands as a cornerstone in the UK’s journey towards sustainability and achieving its ambitious Net Zero targets. As Enturi gears up for the launch of its website, promising more insight into its strategic roadmap, we’re excited to see how this startup will impact the renewable energy landscape and help on our pathway to Net Zero through Wind Electric Power Generation.


3. Empowerment Passport Ltd


Empowerment Passport Ltd


The Empowerment Passport is a digital platform designed to empower individuals with long-term health conditions or disabilities by facilitating the communication of their unique adjustment needs across various settings, including education, employment, and transitional phases such as being between education to employment, or from one job to another.

Having already collaborated with the NHS, The Empowerment Passport understands the importance of unlocking one’s potential in education and employment. Often, individuals find it challenging to explain the impact of their condition or disability on their daily activities, especially during periods of change. Disclosure of health conditions or disabilities can carry a stigma, fueling concerns about potential negative perceptions and assumptions regarding one’s capabilities. The Empowerment Passport aims to eliminate such uncertainties, ensuring transparency and dignity.

This innovative passport offers its holders unparalleled freedom and autonomy. The holder has the freedom to change or update information within their Empowerment Passport, control who has access to it, and determine the timing and manner of its sharing – be it before an interview or during employment.

Moreover, each passport license includes an ‘Action Plan,’ facilitating a robust process and clear documentation of all agreed-upon adjustments.


4. hiyrd


hiyrd logo


Gone are the days of cumbersome CVs, lengthy cover letters, and monotonous text-based job advertisements. hiyrd is embarking on a mission to revolutionise the landscape of job seeking and hiring. Through its platform, hiyrd seeks to streamline and modernise the traditional job market by consolidating the entire hiring process into a single, short-form video app that caters to the needs of both job seekers and businesses.

For job seekers, hiyrd simplifies the process by allowing them to simply respond to three specific questions posed by employers through video submissions. This approach can foster a deeper connection with potential employers, facilitating seamless alignment with company culture and values.

Meanwhile, businesses grapple with the often time-consuming and inaccurate nature of the hiring process. hiyrd is engineered to alleviate the burden. By creating a business profile on hiyrd, companies can attract followers who are genuinely interested in joining their team. With the ability to post new job openings, or ‘rolls,’ businesses can instantly notify their followers, resulting in immediate engagement with promising candidates.


5. CouponBank Global Limited


CouponBank Global Limited


CouponBank offers a way to discover the best deals both locally and online. Beyond enjoying these deals yourself at unbeatable prices, you have the opportunity to spread the joy by sharing them with friends and earning points in return.

For local discounts, simply track nearby hotspots such as bars, restaurants, cafes, shops, and hairdressers to unlock exclusive loyalty rewards and VIP deals. Alternatively, for online savings, effortlessly access deals from national and international brands with just a click.

Explore additional features like the ‘Night mode’, enabling you to explore enticing offers for a memorable night out and utilise the comparison tool to evaluate deals ranging from local offerings to online stores, ensuring you always snag the best deal available. Better yet, by accumulating points, you unlock fantastic rewards such as gift cards from leading high street retailers or the chance to win prizes like a weekend getaway.



6. Telkoa




Telkoa offers actionable insights tailored to assist in cost reduction, ARPU enhancement, and the facilitation of new services for telecommunications companies and IoT providers. With a wide range of solutions catering to network operators, including MVNOs and MVNEs, telecom regulators, SIM/eSIM manufacturers, global connectivity providers, M2M, and IoT providers, Telkoa stands as a comprehensive partner in the telecommunications realm.

Do you need connectivity metrics and insights? Are you looking for a way to locate devices, smartphones or feature phones, even without GPS? Are you a telco or an IoT provider who wants to secure your IoT application against identity theft and cybersecurity attacks? Looking to build or extend your IoT solution portfolio? Whatever your needs, Telkoa has you covered, bringing together the tools, knowledge, and network of reliable vendors and global connectivity providers to make the best-in-class IoT solutions.

Telkoa seamlessly integrates telecommunications, cloud, and cybersecurity knowledge into IoT, crafting unparalleled solutions from the ground up. Its mobile platform consolidates all capabilities under one roof, eliminating the need to juggle between multiple platforms. Tailored to your specifications, the platform ensures a customised experience that meets your exact needs.




FLOW logo


FLOW is dedicated to empowering individuals to manage their pain effectively through the use of smart devices and a clinically proven app. By harnessing innovative technology, FLOW ditches the need for traditional over-the-counter pain medication, instead offering customers a holistic approach to health and wellness.

Its range of devices caters to a variety of ailments, including migraines, headaches, joint pain, and muscle soreness. Take, for instance, the Flow Move – an unparalleled personal health technology device equipped with heat and percussion therapies. Offering three levels of heat therapy, three levels of soothing massage, and ultra-quiet operation, the Flow Move ensures versatility and convenience. With its long-lasting, fast-charging battery via USB-C, you can enjoy pain relief anywhere, anytime.

Meanwhile, the Flow Recovery app is designed to enhance your recovery journey. Featuring over 500 guides and 250 expertly crafted routines, the app serves as your comprehensive resource for elevating your rehabilitation efforts. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain or aiming to optimise your recovery process, FLOW equips you with the tools and support needed to take control of your health and well-being.


8. Evidence DAO


Evidence DAO


Evidence DAO revolutionises the decentralised internet by offering a centralised hub where DAO members can seamlessly access and utilise information regarding approved project proposals. For the first time, collective memory translates into tangible value, empowering DAOs in brand-new ways.

At the core of its platform lies the ability for DAOs to effectively coordinate, evaluate, and compensate teams for project execution. By facilitating transparent processes from proposal inception to final payment, Evidence DAO ensures full accountability and fosters the retention and sharing of collective knowledge within DAO communities.

From facilitating independent assessments to bolstering governance confidence by bringing in the right expertise for project evaluations, Evidence DAO streamlines operations. Integration of trustless payment mechanisms further instils confidence in project teams, ensuring they can rely on the assessment process.

Moreover, through its DAO Alpha program, Evidence DAO offers early access to its platform, enabling DAOs to customise processes and empower community members, optimising project delivery and governance efficiency. With Evidence DAO, DAOs can unlock their full potential and drive meaningful impact in the decentralised landscape.


9. JobCrypt




JobCrypt emerged from the vision of enabling Web3 professionals to source talent and find projects using native Web 3 blockchain and decentralised file storage technologies. With the aim of delivering the ultimate Web3 recruitment experience, JobCrypt strives to redefine the landscape of talent acquisition in the decentralised realm.

The result? The first fully decentralised job board hosted on the Optimism network. By harnessing the power of blockchain and decentralised storage, JobCrypt offers permissionless job listings on the decentralised web, revolutionising the recruitment process. Applicants can now utilise blockchain technology to verifiably connect with employers, while employers can accurately engage with genuine applicants through decentralised ledger technology.

JobCrypt’s decentralised listings cater to a range of communities within the Web3, Blockchain, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, and Gaming sectors. By ensuring candidates grasp the core principles of blockchain through experiential learning, JobCrypt equips them with the necessary skills to thrive in their respective disciplines and pioneer innovative solutions that align with decentralised operations.


10. Hexsor Scientific Ltd


Hexsor Scientific Ltd


Hexsor builds and creates devices that empower the users to find and understand what matters to them. Collaborating with organisations worldwide, Hexsor specialises in developing instruments aimed at enhancing operational efficiency, situational oversight, and safety by facilitating seamless access to real-time data.

Offering a diverse array of innovative technological solutions, Hexsor empowers users to grasp the essence of critical matters. From spectroscopy and mass spectrometry solutions enabling real-time point-of-need analysis of liquids, gases, and soil, to mobile filtration technologies streamlining in-field sampling processes, and sensor-to-satellite technologies facilitating remote environmental monitoring, Hexsor enables improvements in oversight, asset management, productivity, cost efficiency, and safety across global landscapes.

Among its product lineup, the e-DNA-100P is an example of the organisation’s solution for rapid environmental DNA sampling of water sources. Such products showcase Hexsor’s commitment to creating tangible impacts with real-world implications, championing social responsibility by addressing pressing challenges facing our world. Through its innovative solutions, Hexsor endeavours to contribute towards a clearer, cleaner, and more considerate world, driving positive change within industries and beyond.