7 Startups Started By Best Friends

In the world of startups, finding the right person to build a company with can be difficult. However, some of the most innovative and successful startups have been born from conversations between best friends.

This article looks at some businesses that started with the bond of friendship, which then grew into successful companies.


The Dubs Universe: A Story Of Childhood Friends And Sustainable Shoes


91. Dubs | Startups 100 2024


Stuart Davis and Gary Cadogan are the best friends behind The Dubs Universe, a children’s shoe brand that combines design, technology, and sustainability. Their friendship, tested and strengthened over the years, became the basis for their business venture. They first had the idea for Dubs during COVID-19, when they were chatting over a routine Zoom call.

The idea behind the brand was driven by a simple issue: the rapid pace at which children outgrow their footwear, leading to waste. Gary’s expertise in fashion design, combined with Stuart’s frustrations about his daughter’s outgrowing shoes, inspired them to dream up the “Immortal Sneaker.” Through countless Zoom calls and relentless research, Dubs was born, swiftly gaining recognition for its innovative approach and landing a spot in the Startups 100 Index.


HYPERVSN: From Belarus To Global 3D Tech Pioneers


Childhood friends who turned down Dragon's Den offer find success inventing 'sci-fi' holograms - Mirror Online


Kiryl Chykeyuk and Art Stavenka shared not just their childhood, but also a fascination with 3D technology. Their journey from the streets of Belarus to the centre of 3D holographic innovation shows a shared spirit of determination and creativity.

HYPERVSN, their brainchild, aims to change how we experience visuals, eliminating the need for 3D glasses through creating high-resolution 3D holograms. Their appearance on Dragons’ Den was a significant milestone, but it was their decision to turn down the offer and venture out on their own that truly set the stage for HYPERVSN’s success.

Now, HYPERVSN’s technology is used by a quarter of Fortune 500 companies. The company’s success story is a testament to the power of friendship, vision, and the power of finding the right business partner.


GoStudent: Transforming Education Through Friendship


Felix Ohswald und Gregor Müller: Zwei Freunde bauen die größte... | DiePresse.com


In Vienna, Austria, Felix Ohswald and Gregor Müller took their early friendship as a sign of great things to come.

Together, they founded GoStudent, a platform that is transforming the world of tutoring, currently catering to over 11 million families worldwide. Their shared history and understanding have allowed them to turn GoStudent from a simple homework chat app into a full-suite educational service, including the new GoStudent VR for immersive language learning.

Their journey from teenagers to leading one of the most innovative educational platforms shows the strength of their partnership and shared vision.


Jooble: A Friendship That Redefined Job Searching


Ennyman's Territory: Global Job Site Has a Great Startup Story -- It's Jooble


Roman Prokofiev and Eugene Sobakarov met in high school, but it was their reunion in the business world that marked the beginning of Jooble, a global job aggregator.

From its humble beginnings in Ukraine to becoming one of the top job search platforms globally, Jooble’s story is one of resilience and innovation. Their friendship has not only survived but thrived under the pressures of running a global enterprise, showing that shared values and visions are the real basis of any successful business.



The Property Buying Company: Real Estate Revolution By Best Friends



Starting as strangers in a property company, Karl McArdle and Jonathan Christie quickly became inseparable friends, sharing a bond over their professional experiences and aspirations.

This friendship paved the way for The Property Buying Company, a UK quick cash buyer of property, has become a prominent force in the property market. Guided by seasoned professionals with over 100 years of collective experience in property acquisition across England and Wales, the company has undergone significant growth, evolving from a two-person initiative to a robust team of over 35 members spanning various departments.

Formally established in 2012, The Property Buying Company stands as a testament to Jonathan and Karl’s shared vision. Since then, the company has thrived, showcasing their dedication, experience, and adaptability in navigating the dynamic property investment landscape.


Medic Mind: Empowering Future Medical Professionals


UCL Students win ACW Best Medical Start Up of the Year Award | UCL News -  UCL – University College London


Kunal Dasani and Mohil Shah, best friends and co-founders of Medic Mind, turned their vision into a reality by addressing a niche yet critical need: preparing students for medical school admissions.

Medic Mind began as a small startup at UCL Medical School, with the founders recognising a gap in the market for specialised e-learning and online video courses aimed at medical school applicants. Their dedication to supporting students through one-to-one tuition and online courses has propelled Medic Mind to international success, offering more than 200,000 hours of tuition and significantly impacting students’ medical school admissions.

Their expansion into Oxbridge Mind, Law Mind, and Study Mind, as well as extending their reach to Australia and the US, shows the strength of their vision and the depth of their friendship and collaboration.


ERIC App: Opening Creative Career Pathways


Meet Mae Yip & Samantha Hornsby, Founders of ERIC


Mae Yip and Samantha Hornsby, lifelong friends, co-founded the ERIC App with a mission to widen access to the creative industries for young people aged 16-25.

Born out of personal struggles and the desire to overcome barriers to entry in the creative fields, the ERIC App stands as a testament to their shared vision and dedication. By aggregating a wide range of opportunities, from internships and apprenticeships to events and workshops, the ERIC App has become a great platform for young creatives. With partnerships that span across prestigious organisations and industries, Mae and Samantha’s creation is breaking down the traditional barriers to creative careers, offering a more inclusive and accessible pathway for the next generation.


These companies, each unique in their own way, share a common thread: they were all founded on the trust, understanding, and shared vision of best friends. As these companies continue to grow, they are as a powerful reminder of the potential that lies in the bonds of friendship.