Startups To Help With Revision

As exam season approaches, revision can be daunting, especially if there is a lot to learn. In fact, every year over 5 million students take their first public exams: GCSEs. When you combine this number with those taking a-levels and university exams, the number of young people undertaking this task every year is huge.

Luckily, in the past few years, many startups have stepped in to make the process easier and more enjoyable. These companies are helping students throw away their revision cards and learn everything they need to know to ace their exams.

Let’s take a look at them…


1. Brainscape – Flashcard Creator


Brainscape Help Center


Brainscape is an app that allows students to create flashcards for studying. Not only that, the app is backed by memory science, strategically spacing hard or new concepts to ensure maximum retention.

The company helps students focus on weaker areas of learning, ensuring they can learn content more efficiently.


2. Forest – Helping Students Stay Focused


Forest App - Trees for the Future


Forest is an app that cleverly uses psychology to help students stay focused. Given that smartphones can be a major hindrance to productivity, Forest encourages students to ‘plant a tree’ when they want to stay focused and watch it grow throughout the day.

As soon as they leave the app, the tree will stop. So far the app has planted over 1.7M trees, whilst also encouraging young people to focus more.


3. GoConqr – Interactive Learning


GoConqr Logo


GoConqr is another app designed to help students create engaging studying materials. Whether it’s flash cards, mind maps, notes, slides or quizzes, the app has everything students need to supercharge their studies.

With a wide variety of methods available through the site, GoConqr allows students to study wherever they want, however they want.


4. MemoryOS – Memory Improvement




A huge part of revision is information retention, and MemoryOs is an app that helps people improve their memory recall.

With techniques to help increase memory capacity, more easily structure information and develop better recall, the app is helping more students learn better.



5. Calm – Stress Management


Calm Logo transparent PNG - StickPNG


One of the hardest things about exams is managing stress. With so much pressure on results and so much information to take in, the whole process can quickly become overwhelming.

Apps like Calm allow users to manage stress, relax and even sleep better. With a library of content for every situation, Calm can help reduce exam anxiety.


6. Tutorhouse – Find Online Tutors


Tutor House Logo


Sometimes you just need a little extra help when it comes to exams. No problem – tutorhouse helps students connect with personalised online tutors to help with their learning.

Whether it’s content-based learning or just help with remembering content, tutorhouse is dedicated to helping students find the best tutors to help them.


7. Exam Countdown – Exam Date Management


Exam Countdown Lite - Apps on Google Play


With some students taking over 15 exams within a short period, it can be difficult to keep track of schedules and timing. Enter Exam Countdown: the app that allows students to see exactly how long they have till their next exam and even be reminded of key dates.

Now, students can spend more time worrying about revision and less about scheduling.


8. Gojimo -Revision App


Exam app Gojimo is getting popular and secures another $1.8M in funding /


Gojimo is a GCSE and A Level revision app that gives you on-the-go questions wherever you are. Covering content across GCSE, iGCSE and A Levels, the app provides tests and hints to help with content retention.

With questions across History, Maths, Science, English and Geography, Gojimo is the perfect app for any student wanting to revise on the go.