10 Startups In York To Keep An Eye On

What comes to mind when thinking of York? Images of its storied history? Pictures of beautiful cobbled streets and quaint shops? While this may make for an accurate telling, York also boasts a thriving ecosystem of innovation and entrepreneurship that it may be high time to acquaint yourself with.

From its picturesque city centre to the modern business parks on its outskirts, York has become a fertile ground for startups poised to make waves in various industries. In this article, we shine a spotlight on ten startups in York that are capturing attention and making strides in their respective fields.


1. Hydrologiq




To kick off the list with Hydrologiq, a firm dedicated to facilitating our shift away from diesel by offering tailored support to individuals and businesses navigating the transition to hydrogen solutions.

Hydrologiq leverages its expertise to craft personalised solutions, collaborating with various hydrogen generators and fuel suppliers to align technology with specific business requirements. Whether through equipment rental or purchase, alongside operational guidance or transitional assistance, Hydrologiq ensures seamless integration of hydrogen solutions tailored to your needs.

Their overarching goal is to accelerate the adoption of off-grid electricity powered by hydrogen. By creating economically viable solutions to reduce our society’s carbon footprint, Hydrologiq is building towards the common goal of Net Zero 2050. This impressive startup understands that merely having carbon-neutral alternatives is insufficient; these solutions must also be commercially feasible, empowering companies to embrace them willingly, rather than under regulatory compulsion.


2. AgriSound




Introducing AgriSound, making insect monitoring simple. This innovative technology platform offers real-time monitoring of pollinator levels, revolutionising the protection and enhancement of global insect biodiversity through sensor-driven automation.

By harnessing sensors to automate pollinator monitoring, AgriSound generates essential data for timely and informed decision-making. This data not only aids in safeguarding the world’s food supply through precision pollination but also enables environmentally conscious organisations to revamp their operations for the betterment of biodiversity and the natural world.

At its core, AgriSound envisions the integration of pollination services into our everyday lives to bolster global biodiversity. Intending to establish itself as the premier pollinator monitoring technology brand across all markets, AgriSound aims to deploy one million devices worldwide, thereby creating the largest global pollinator dataset. Through this initiative, AgriSound wants to empower decision-makers with superior insights for more effective and sustainable practices.


3. BindEthics Ltd.


BindEthics Ltd.


Meet BindEthics, a trailblazing initiative addressing the environmental footprint of wood panel production head-on. Recognising that adhesive is the only part of the production of wood panels that is synthetic, toxic, and non-recyclable, BindEthics offers a transformative solution: a sustainable adhesive derived from renewable sources, devoid of toxicity and free from fossil fuel origins.

By substituting traditional fossil fuel-derived adhesives with this biobased alternative, BindEthics engineers the transformation of engineered wood panels into entirely sustainable products, ready to be recycled and reintegrated into the circular economy.

At BindEthics, the ethos revolves around the combination of scientific breakthroughs with strategic commercial research as the foundation to improve all of our lives on Earth. So, through rigorous research and the commercialisation of pivotal sustainable products tailored for a circular economy, BindEthics endeavours to redefine adhesive technology. With sights set on penetrating a £240 billion market, BindEthics seeks to propel adhesives into the realm of the circular economy, ushering in a new era of sustainability and economic viability.


4. Jammed




Introducing Jammed: Your ultimate solution for seamless studio bookings online, instantly. Serving as the go-to platform for independent studios, rehearsal rooms, and creative spaces, Jammed empowers your customers with round-the-clock booking capabilities, instant payment processing, and assistance in maximising room rentals.

With Jammed, the process of booking becomes effortlessly streamlined, with accessible upfront payments and an easy-to-use calendar and online booking system allowing customers to not only reserve and pay for rooms with ease but also have the convenience of hiring equipment with just a click. From instruments and amps to cameras, cables, and microphones, the range of available equipment is at their fingertips, accessible anytime, anywhere.

Meanwhile, enjoy the flexibility to incorporate room cleaning and set-up times between bookings as required, the freedom to cancel or reschedule bookings and receive timely alerts and reminders to minimise no-shows. Such comprehensive features have positioned Jammed as a trusted and globally utilised platform by studios worldwide, facilitating smoother operations to enhance user experience.


5. BankAbility




In today’s world, digital banking is an undeniably essential part of everyday life. Yet, is it truly designed to cater to the diverse needs of all individuals? BankAbility recognises the inherent limitations of current banking apps, which often fail to provide adequate accessibility for various user groups, including those with diagnosed disabilities and individuals facing temporary or undiagnosed challenges.

Such banking issues can cause more than a mere inconvenience. The frustration, stress and isolation this can cause can have far-reaching implications for mental health and financial inclusion, especially among society’s most vulnerable members. Enter BankAbility: a groundbreaking digital banking solution committed to inclusivity and accessibility for all.

At the heart of BankAbility lies an ‘accessibility first’ approach to Open Banking. By prioritising accessibility, regardless of disability, age, device, or operating system, BankAbility ensures an optimised user experience for everyone. Through a unified dashboard, users gain control over their finances, regardless of sensory, neurological, or physical impairments and other mental health needs. This represents a significant step towards addressing the digital divide and empowering all individuals to participate fully in the digital banking landscape.



6. Yield Yeti


Yield Yeti


Yield Yeti is a gaming platform like no other. This innovative PlayToEarn NFT Gaming Guild immerses players in the Metaverse where they have the opportunity to earn rewards while gaming.

Step into the ‘Yetiverse,’ a captivating realm where players partake in a play-to-earn mobile game centred around building their Yeti character within a frost-themed virtual world. What sets Yield Yeti apart is its seamless integration of blockchain technology, enabling players to earn valuable in-game assets and making cryptocurrency accessible within the realm of mobile gaming.

Joining Yield Yeti allows users to indulge in gaming escapades while simultaneously delving into the Metaverse and effortlessly engaging with digital finance. It’s not just gaming – it’s a journey into a realm where entertainment meets opportunity.


7. MORF: Multi-Omics Research Factory


MORF: Multi-Omics Research Factory


Introducing MORF, an online bioinformatics resource designed to streamline the storage and exploration of intricate biological data directly from your browser, all while generating high-quality graphics for reporting and publication.

Born from a collaborative effort involving partners from across the UK, MORF emerged to facilitate easy access to complex multi-omics data so that the whole team could interrogate the data securely through their browser. Now available for both existing data sets and inclusion in academic grants for future projects, MORF serves as an invaluable tool for planning omics experiments, helping you plan your omics experiment to ensure the investment delivers the insights you need. Moreover, MORF plays a pivotal role in your dissemination strategy by promoting data sharing in alignment with FAIR policies, thus bolstering community engagement.

Providing user-friendly analysis tools with an intuitive interface, MORF is an innovative platform designed for complex experiments with multiple types of omics data. Through interactive visualisation and images, MORF makes Big Data accessible to all.


8. IBP Ventures


IBP Ventures logo


IBP Ventures is an innovative start-up dedicated to unlocking the potential of Ice Binding Proteins (IBPs). With a strategic focus on bolstering crop resilience against frost, optimising vaccine storage, advancing IVF treatments using natural cryoprotectants, and refining food texture, IBP Ventures is spearheading sustainable solutions poised to revolutionise various industries.

IBP Ventures recognises the transformative power of IBPs, signalling a significant technological breakthrough. These proteins possess a remarkable ability to bind to ice crystals, effectively halting their growth – a capability that holds promise in addressing diverse industry challenges. By attaching to ice crystal surfaces, plant IBPs inhibit further crystallisation, thereby controlling ice formation. This pivotal function is instrumental in safeguarding cellular integrity during freezing processes, with broad applications ranging from enhancing frozen food texture to augmenting the preservation and viability of biological samples and pharmaceuticals.

As such, IBP Ventures presents an exciting opportunity to integrate nature’s ingenuity with cutting-edge industry solutions, paving the way for innovative advancements with far-reaching impacts.


9. Hublsoft




Recognising that the data tools market was exploding, obsessed with making technology smarter and more artificially intelligent, Hublsoft felt that this was eroding our human ingenuity. Rather than succumbing to the allure of solely bolstering technology, Hublsoft embarked on a new path, championing a human-first approach with technology that augments human intelligence rather than supplanting it.

Hublsoft facilitates the natural integration of data into decision-making processes, emphasising the importance of human interaction, creativity, and collaborative problem-solving together. By fostering immersive engagement, Hublsoft believes in unlocking the potential for extraordinary achievements.

The mission of Hublsoft is clear: to provide users with the freedom and control to leverage their innate human skills to the fullest extent. By seamlessly integrating human intelligence, data, and AI, Hublsoft enhances your ability to comprehend and explore your business operations, iterate recommendations for improvement, and glean actionable insights. Guided by outcomes that matter most to you and your customers, Hublsoft empowers you to navigate the complexities of decision-making with confidence and clarity.


10. 1try Ltd


1try Ltd


1try specialises in the design, development, and enhancement of Network Infrastructure, boasting a team with over 30 years of collective experience spanning the realms of design, innovation, and deployment. Their expertise extends to Cabins, Street Cabinets, and Free Air-Cooling Solutions, serving the Telecommunication, Transportation, and Utility Sectors.

With a wealth of knowledge in its arsenal, 1try offers a wide array of services, ranging from crafting bespoke cabinet solutions to pioneering hybrid cooling techniques and implementing robust security measures for cabin and cabinet infrastructure. Their designs epitomise cutting-edge technology, with systems capable of scaling from 5 kW to 16 kW and beyond, coupled with integrated DC power and battery backup systems to ensure uninterrupted power supply when it matters most. All solutions also undergo rigorous testing and are extensively utilised throughout the UK to ensure they stand the test of time.

1try prides itself on delivering the level of service its customers demand, a commitment that is underscored by its recent exponential growth. Their unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation positions them as a trusted leader in the field of Network Infrastructure development and enhancement.