Steamed Egg – Virtual Team Building Company Sees Growth in Pandemic


Whilst lockdown has kept employees and teams apart, there is one startup that has been successfully bringing them together.

London-based Steamed Egg is a specialist in virtual team building games and activities – using video conferencing and virtual reality headsets to share fun, collaborative and creative gaming sessions between companies and their team members.

The company was founded by Jason Leigh in 2018, well ahead of the recent pandemic and wave of remote working.

“We had the understanding about what was needed to create fun, interactive experiences for teams who were stuck at home during the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic we used to thoroughly enjoy going into offices such as Amazon, Sky and Deliveroo and were even featured on ITV’s This Morning with Phil and Holly.”

“When covid hit and the lockdown happened, we went back to the drawing board and came up with a totally new experience. Within a month we were primed and ready to share our proposition with teams through remote video conferencing tools. We just couldn’t use the virtual headsets, but we’ll definitely be bringing these back.”


“With Steamed Egg, the main event is a game show called Yolking From Home!” explains Leigh. “It’s a take on a 70’s TV theme and includes six unique and collaborative games, which will be unique to anyone playing them.”

steamed egg remote working

“Our focus is to help your staff unwind, have fun and get to know each-other better. Getting up and running is very quick with our 5-step set up.”

“Steamed Egg believes that laughter is the best medicine for your team’s isolation blues. It’s proven to strengthen relationships and reinforces your team’s sense of unity.”

“We use highly conversational games to get your team working together and laughing so that they leave with a renewed sense of camaraderie and lifted spirits. There is no looking at apps on your phone or writing answers on pieces of paper – the entire process is virtual or online through video conferencing tools.”

Pricing is based on the number of players that will join your event (up to 180 players) and how many games you wish to play (usually 2-3 games), with the average game taking around 75 minutes.

If you are a team of up to 15 people and looking to play 2 games, this will cost £520.

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