Tapoly Launches Bespoke Instant Professional Treatment Insurance for the Health and Wellbeing Sector

Specifically tailored for health and wellbeing freelancers and micro SMEs, award-winning MGA and Insurtech Tapoly has recently launched their new instant professional treatment insurance product, including Professional Liability, Treatment Liability, Employers’ Liability, and Public, Products and Property Owner’s Liability cover. 


Launched in partnership with Peach Pi, a UK niche commercial insurer, the product will provide bespoke cover for health and wellbeing professionals such as Dental Nurses, Hairdressers and Barbers, Massage Therapists, Counsellors and Therapists, and Physiotherapists. With this cover, these essential professionals are provided with peace of mind when serving their customers.

Tapoly’s products are grounded within emerging technologies, using advanced data analytics, ML and AI to enhance the customer journey and provide them with on-demand insurance whenever possible. This insurtech partnership enables professionals in this sector to quickly and easily access great cover supported by the excellent claims service provided by Peach Pi.




Upon launching the new Professional Treatment product Tapoly CEO Janthana Kaenprakhamroy said: 

“Health and wellbeing professionals provide invaluable support, care and services to their customers. It is imperative these professionals also protect themselves and this is available to them at a fair price, especially if they are a freelancer or micro SME where they might not have a group policy to fall back on. We approached Peach Pi to work together on providing a cost-effective online solution tailored to this group.”



 Janthana adds:

“Embracing emerging technologies has allowed us to establish an accurate real-time pricing process, so we are thrilled to be able to give health and wellbeing professionals instant online access to bespoke insurance products.”


Allison Hughes, Head of Distribution at Peach Pi, said: 

“We are delighted to be partnering with Tapoly to deliver a bespoke product that will meet the unique requirements of this specific set of community-based professionals. Our in-house team of legally qualified claims experts will work closely with Tapoly to deliver their customers the level of service they deserve to protect and empower their business ambition.”


The cover is available through Tapoly’s technology platform.