Tech And Startups For Combatting Stress

According to stats by Ciphr, one in every 14 people in the UK admit to being stressed every single day.

There are many things in life that can cause stress, whether it’s one event, a situation or even the dynamics with another person.

Stress can be hard to manage, and left unresolved, can have a negative effect on mental health. It’s no surprise then that a number of startups have emerged to help people manage their stress.

But first..


What Is The Biggest Cause Of Stress In The UK?


According to research by priority group, the most common type of stress experienced by people in the UK is related to work. An amazing 79% of people cited work as a key driver of stress, showing the impact of a negative work environment.

Other sources of stress included things like money, not getting enough sleep and health.

The problem is that stress doesn’t just negatively effect the mind, it can affect the body too. High levels of cortisol (stress hormone) have been linked to weight gain, and 46% of Brits admitted they eat too much die to stress.

Not only that, habits like smoking or increased alcohol consumption can be a coping mechanism when it comes to stress, having a profound effect on physical wellbeing too.

Here, we look at startups designed to help combat stress and promote better mental (and physical) wellbeing.



Startups To Help Combat Stress




Heights Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews of


Developed by scientists, Heights is a brain supplement that is proven to support brain health.

Given the strong link between brain health and mental health, Heights helps people give their brain the nutrients it needs to fight off stress and anxiety.


Modern Health


Modern Health Appoints Dr. Neha Chaudhary as Chief Medical Officer


Given work is the biggest driver of stress in the UK, it’s no surprise that startups have formed to help companies support their employees.

Modern health delivers therapy that provides real results, helping companies provide stress support for members of their company that need it most.




MindLabs | LinkedIn


Lack of sleep and an anxious mind can be huge drivers of stress. Mindlab works by providing exercises that all people to de-stress.

The app prides itself on providing specific meditations for key stress areas like work, money or social anxiety, making it a great tool for people with specific stress-inducing situations.




Behavioral Therapy for Kids and Teens | Brightline


Brightline is a mental health care system for kids and teens.

The company provides a range of services, including virtual therapy, psychiatry, or coaching, helping parents support their children and providing professional help where needed.




BetterHelp Reviews (2024) | Our Experience


Sometimes managing stress is all about having the tools to regulate emotions, and BetterHelp provides people with a list of specialised therapists based on their needs.

The company uses a quiz to match users with licenced therapists, and then provides a platform for therapy.




Yana: Tu acompañante emocional ( • Instagram photos and videos


Yana is an AI companion, designed to provide mental health support 24/7.

The AI is trained to provide advice, provide new perspectives and ease anxiety, whilst also helping with solutions. By acting as an outlet, Yana helps people manage their stress and provides a safe outlet.




Pillow App


One of the main symptoms of stress is losing sleep, and apps like Pillow work to track and help manage unhealthy sleeping patterns.

The app partners with Apple and Android to provide a sleep analysis, and then recommends personalised meditations to help improve.