Ten Startups In Kenya To Keep An Eye On

Kenya continues to solidify itself as a startup hub in Africa, every year more startups are emerging that are helping to solve local and global challenges.

From sustainable energy solutions to education platforms helping children learn faster, these ten Kenyan startups are making waves locally and globally.

Here’s a closer look the ten Kenyan startups we think are worth keeping an eye on…


1. SunCulture – Solar-Powered Irrigation




SunCulture supplies solar-powered irrigation systems that help rural farmers improve crop yield and reduce water usage.

By using solar technology to power more efficient irrigation, lighting and charging, SunCulture is helping farmers increase agricultural productivity in areas where rainfall is unpredictable.


2. Kentaste – Coconut-Based Products


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Kentaste is a platform that produces and sells a variety of coconut based products, including milk, oil, and flour.

Their products are sourced locally from organic smallholder farmers, supporting Kenyan workers whilst providing consumers with natural and healthy food options.


3. Watu Africa – Electric Mobility Financing



Watu Africa is helping more people become financially independent through giving people access to affordable loans for transportation.

By allowing Kenyans to buy vehicles that are both affordable and eco-friendly, Watu is helping them build businesses and make the planet greener, all in one go.


4. BasiGo – Electric Public Transport




BasiGo is driving the public transport sector in Kenya towards sustainability with its electric buses.

With typical modes of public transport running on diesel and emitting huge amounts of CO2 every year, the company is on a mission to provide low-carbon public transport to the masses.


5. WorkPay – Digital Payroll


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WorkPay is a HR, payroll and benefits platform, tailored for the African market.

Their platform simplifies payroll for businesses, allowing them to pay quickly, compliantly and manage teams of all sizes.



6. La Paire – Affordable Eyewear




La Paire is on a mission to make high quality glasses more affordable. The company sells stylish, high-quality eyewear at affordable prices and even offers free vision tests.

By selling directly to consumers, La Paire is making it it easier for people across Kenya to access high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses without breaking the bank.


7. Kwanza Tukule – Feeding Solutions


Kwanza Tukule


Kwanza Tukule is a B2B business that is helping put healthy, nutritious food on the table for street food vendors across Kenya.

The company allows vendors to manage their supply chain, buy affordable food and prepare it hygienically. Their innovative approach is helping combat hunger and supercharge Kenya’s streetfood scene.


8. Kidato – Online Education Platform


About kidato - F6S Profile


Kidato is an online school offering international curriculum education to students across Africa from kindergarten and above.

With a focus on small online class sizes and real-time interaction with teachers, Kidato provides high quality education that is accessible to students all over the continent.


9. Ilara Health – Care Clinic Assistance


Ilara Health | Career Page


Ilara Health is helping provide better care to Kenyans through its end-to-end tech solution.

Covering everything from financial planning to operations the tool’s aim is to give practitioners more time to take care of their patients.


10. Kapu Africa – Affordable Online Groceries


Kapu Africa, Online shopping, Whatsapp shopping, Foodstuffs, Grocery, Fresh, Market, Good prices


Kapu Africa is an e-commerce platform, connecting local manufacturers directly with consumers and businesses to make the cost of living more affordable.

By providing better prices to consumers, and facilitating trade directly with manufacturers, the company is helping people in urban areas cut their living costs.