The Best Apps And Startups For Arts And Crafts Lovers

Arts and crafts can be a great way to explore creativity, engage in mindfulness and even meet new people.

And whilst many people might think arts and crafts is primarily for children, research has shown that they can also have big benefits for adults.

Some of these benefits include:


Stress Relief

According to Mindfood, A study in the American Journal of Public Health found that people who did arts and crafts saw “reductions in stress and anxiety” and “increases in positive emotions”.

Making art can be mindful as it can take the person away from intrusive or destructive thoughts.


New Communities

Whilst arts and crafts can be an amazing solo hobby, they also present new ways to meet likeminded people.

Finding local crafts communities can be a great resource for those moving to a new city, or even looking to expand their social circles.


Confidence Boosting

Learning and being good at a new skill can do wonders to a person’s confidence.

According to Mindfood, finishing a good piece of art can stimulate the release of dopamine, which has been known to stimulate feelings of self-confidence.

Engaging and mastering a new skill can be a confidence boost at any age – proving you’re never too old to learn!

Luckily, a number of apps and startups have emerged to help people learn or hone their arts and crafts. Let’s explore them…



The Best Apps And Startups For Arts And Crafts Lovers



craftsy logo


Craftsy is a subscription membership platform that contains thousands of classes and 100s of videos around how to do certain crafts.

The platform features lessons on how to learn and perfect over 20 hobbies, helping people learn to crochet, draw, paint and more.


How To Make Origami


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One for a more specific type of craft, How To Make Origami teaches people how to make tons of origami shapes.

The app provides a step-by-step guide, of how to make popular animal shapes, helping anyone master this craft.





Sculpd is a pottery subscription box that allows people to create their own items from the comfort of their homes.

As pottery usually includes having to go down to a studio and use a kiln, this startup gives people everything they need to do the same at home.

Crafters can make candles, pottery, lamps or paintings all with their bespoke products.




ScrawlrBox - Art Supplies Subscription Box


Scrawlr Box is a subscription box that delivers new art supplies and inspiration every month.

The company sends ‘mystery’ boxes, to help artists continue to learn and develop new skills.


Handy Crafts



HandyCrafts Logo.png



Handy Crafts creates arts and crafts boxes designed by educators to help people learn new skills.

Primarily designed to help parents lead their children through crafts activities, the company gives them the resources and language needed to help them learn and complete the task.





Sketchbox is an art subscription box that gives people a monthly delivery of unique drawing and painting supplies.

The company also provides videos, allowing people to learn better creative skills from professionals.


Stitch Kit



For those looking to get better at embroidery, stitch kit is the subscription box for you.

The company provides 6 craft boxes to choose from each month, including: knitting, crochet, amigurumi, macrame, embroidery / cross stitch and sewing / patchwork.

Users simply fill in a questionnaire and then get recommended items based on their skill level and crafts goals.