The Drop – Bespoke Suit Start-Up Eyes Growth in 2021

the drop
  • The Drop was founded in 2016 by Jonathan Kruger
  • The startup received £250,000 in investment from Forward Partners
  • Making bespoke and custom made suits ordered online, they are eyeing growth in 2021.


The Drop are a bespoke suit start-up company based in London, specialising in made to measure suits delivered to the customer in less than three weeks with no delivery fees. At present, the company has raised £250,000 in funding from VC Forward Partners, enabling them to start scaling up their company and increase their client-base, looking to massively move forward as Covid-19 restrictions are set to ease through 2021.


the drop
The Drop allows you to order bespoke made-to-measure suits from £299


The Drop was founded by Jonathan Kruger in 2016. Jonathan was originally working as a manufacturing executive, in charge of overseeing Chinese production for some of the largest retailers worldwide. Jonathan Kruger’s co-founder of The Drop, Stephen Stroud, is a former senior software developer across multiple VC supported startups and financial institutions.

Jonathan has commented “We are so excited to have raised our early-stage funding and to be working alongside Forward Partners. This investment will help us to innovate the current ‘one size fits all’ clothing industry model which frankly does little for the consumers it’s supposed to serve.

“We hope to build a new model that better serves consumers, that is more efficient and helps to reduce the needless waste produced by legacy  fashion retailers.”


the drop


The team at The Drop has spent considerable time collaborating with Forward Partners’ in-house team consisting of investors, marketers, designers, developers and recruiters in an attempt to scale their platform.

The company’s aim of providing clothing which does not fall under the ‘one size fits all’ bracket is ensured through their made to measure promise. Customers are able to provide The Drop with their measurements in advance, ensuring a perfect fit across all products offered through the site. This makes The Drop’s suits perfect for any occasion with a guaranteed fit, and a variety of styles, fabrics and designs available, delivered to the customer directly.


the drop

Customers can choose from classic, contemporary and even beach suits – from white, tweed, burgundy and classic black tux


Currently, the UK is seeing a large rise in the number of weddings taking place in a post-Covid world. Many couples were forced to cancel their wedding ceremonies over the course of the last year due to strict social distancing restrictions and having to limit their guest list massively. Consequently, the majority of weddings due to take place over the last year will now do so in the coming months, leading to a large increase in the demand for suits. In addition to this, many employees are now returning to the office on a part-time or full-time basis, also contributing to an increased demand for formal-wear.