Tineco Vacuum Mops Redefine Home Cleaning

Tineco is a shining example of innovation and top notch inside the domestic system business. As a forward-thinking subsidiary of Ecovacs Robotics Inc., founded in 1998, Tineco has redefined the concept of cleaning through its advanced, smart, electric household appliances.

More than just a brand, Tineco sets an example when it comes to designing products with cutting-edge, practical technology. Since launching the first smart vacuum cleaner in 2019 and holding numerous global patents, Tineco consistently raises the bar for innovation.


A History of Innovation


Beginning with a clear and innovative idea, Tineco aimed to ease the chore of cleaning. With the debut of its smart vacuum cleaner, elevating the company’s standards of excellence and inventive thinking.

Tineco has since become increasingly celebrated for its intelligent technology that elevates the cleaning routine, making home gadgets:

  • Efficient
  • Powerful
  • Eco-friendly


The Products That Change The Game


Tineco’s products range from the following:


Tineco stands out in household cleaning with its innovative range, especially when it comes to the vacuum mop. This standout product lets users vacuum and wash their floors at the same time.

This clever design means there’s no more manual cleaning of the mop’s roller, making home cleaning tasks much easier.


Tineco’s UK Product Range


Tineco’s Floor One S5 and S3 series offer exceptional cleaning solutions, combining sleek design with innovative technology.

The Tineco Pure One S12, designed for UK homes, excels in cleaning performance and user-friendly features, including a 35-minute runtime and self-cleaning capabilities.

The Tineco Floor One S5 Steam, suitable for varied flooring, operates up to 40 minutes, enhanced by an updated iLoop sensor.

Tineco’s Floor One S5 PRO 2 impresses with its LCD display and iLoop technology, tailored for the UK market.

The Tineco Pure One X provides detailed cleaning and a self-cleaning feature, making it a favorite among UK consumers.


What Sets Tineco Apart?


Streamlining Cleaning with Advanced Technology

A Tineco vacuum mop can eliminate guesswork with features like automatic floor detection and cleaning mode adjustment. They adapt effortlessly to various floor types, providing efficient and thorough cleaning.


Enhanced Cleaning with Dual Functionality

Tineco vacuum mops have a unique design, where mopping and vacuuming are possible with this one efficient device. This allows you to get through the dust, spills, and debris, so there is no longer a need for you to clean up in more than one step. A cleaner finish, but with less effort.


Freedom of Movement with Cordless Design

Understanding the need for ease in cleaning, Tineco offers cordless vacuum mops for ultimate mobility. Move seamlessly from room to room without the hassle of cords, perfect for busy homes seeking quick, efficient cleaning solutions.


Self-Cleaning Technologies

Tineco vacuum mops come with a self-cleaning function. It automatically keeps dust and other particles from accumulating within the tool’s curler for an eased experience post-cleaning.


Greener Cleaning Practices

Keep your home clean and green with Tineco’s vacuum mops, they are crafted with the environment in mind, as the device saves water while minimising waste from single-use cleaning supplies.


Gone are the days of labour-intensive cleaning schedules. Join the on-hand cleaning revolution with Tineco UK and enjoy a cleaner, more exciting home without the hassle.