Top 10 Neuroscience Startups

There is a growing need for neuroscience around the world. According to research from Brain Research UK, over 12,000 people are diagnosed with primary brain tumors annually in the UK, and brain tumors claim more lives among the under-40 population than any other cancer.

Additionally, more than 2.5 million people in the UK live with the effects of acquired brain and spinal cord injuries. Addressing these challenges, many startups are working to meet universal needs. Here are 10 neuroscience startups making a difference:


1. MindPortal



MindPortal pioneers human-AI telepathy, revolutionising communication. MindPortal’s team from Y Combinator, DARPA, and top universities leads the charge. Winner of the 2023 Innovation of the Year Award, MindPortal envisions a future where telepathic communication with AI via non-invasive neural interfaces is the norm.

Their wearable neural interface allows real-time thought interaction with AI, eliminating traditional inputs. Backed by investors like Y Combinator and Kleiner Perkins, MindPortal aims to expand human potential through symbiotic human-AI relationships. Join the future of communication with this groundbreaking neuroscience startup.


2. Cumulus




Cumulus Neuroscience pioneers cutting-edge solutions in neurodegeneration and psychiatry. Their advanced platform, featuring a medical-grade EEG headset and tablet app, allows at-home monitoring of functional brain health, addressing challenges in CNS diseases.

Collaborating with global pharmaceutical leaders, Cumulus sets the gold standard for CNS assessments, enabling faster, cost-effective clinical trials. Their comprehensive platform covers cognition, EEG, mood, language, and sleep, with AI-powered analytics for meaningful insights. With a team led by world-class executives and supported by top investors, Cumulus is a great addition to neuroscience startups.


3. Precision




Precision pioneers brain–computer interfaces (BCIs) with powerful, minimally invasive implants, offering breakthrough treatments for neurological conditions. Their high-resolution electrode arrays, using a reversible, cranial micro-slit technique, promise a safe and upgradeable interface.

With a focus on benefiting millions impacted by conditions like stroke and neurodegenerative diseases, Precision is on a mission to bring life-changing BCI technology to the masses. Led by neurosurgeon Ben Rapoport and a multidisciplinary team, Precision stands out as a top neuroscience startup prioritising real-world benefits for those with neurological disorders.


4. NeuroCreate



NeuroCreate pioneers the fusion of AI and human creativity through FlowCreate™, an innovative platform inspired by neuroscience research. Founded by Dr. Shama Rahman, their team combines scientific expertise with real-world experience in creative industries, ensuring a tool that resonates with the rhythm of creative work.

FlowCreate™, informed by actual neuroscience, uses AI to optimise cognitive processes, leading users into a state of enhanced focus and well-being. They aim at redefining work, unlocking creative potential, and creating a future where technology and humanity harmonise for a healthier, more productive world.


5. BrainPatch



BrainPatch pioneers accessible neurotechnology, empowering individuals to unlock their brain’s hidden potential through non-invasive neurostimulation. Founded by “Neuropreneurs” Dr. Nickolai Vysokov and Dauren Toleukhanov, BrainPatch’s UK-based startup has expanded across the EU.

Their tested neuro-technological platform includes a patented Neuro headphone device and software infrastructure, offering various non-invasive brain stimulation applications.

From stress relief to enhanced productivity, experience immediate effects with a push of a button. Explore their innovative e-meditation device for mental well-being and closed-loop stimulation prototype for joint research projects.


6. Maaind



Maaind pioneers neuroadaptive AI, revolutionising personalisation by understanding and responding to human emotions in real-time. With cutting-edge technology, the platform detects users’ mood and stress through voice and heart rate, delivering engaging and personalised well-being experiences.

Boasting industry-leading accuracy, their API seamlessly integrates with everyday devices and prioritises privacy. Collaborating with leading players in diverse industries, Maaind shapes innovation and the future. From neuroadaptive AI design labs to Mood-as-a-Service API, they are dedicated to enhancing global well-being through responsible technology.


7. Cortirio



Cortirio pioneers portable brain injury diagnosis with cutting-edge technology. Using functional near infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), their devices offer high spatial resolution for medical imaging in a wearable, low-cost, and portable form.

Rapid on-site diagnosis in just 2 minutes, automatic analysis, data transfer, and continuous monitoring enhance efficiency. Addressing the critical need for timely traumatic brain injury diagnosis, Cortirio’s innovation saves brain function, preventing disability and death.


8. Neurofenix



Neurofenix, founded in 2016, empowers neurological injury survivors with their innovative NeuroBall™ home therapy program. Designed for stroke and traumatic brain injury recovery, the proven device focuses on arm and hand movements. Offering remote sessions with dedicated Occupational Therapists via video visits, Neurofenix brings personalised and convenient post-stroke therapy to individuals in the comfort of their homes or assisted living facilities.

As a multidisciplinary team based in Atlanta, Georgia, and London, UK, Neurofenix is committed to making a positive impact on the lives of neurological injury survivors and their families.


9. CoMind




CoMind is revolutionising brain health with innovative neuromonitoring devices and neural interfaces. Their mission is to redefine brain measurement and treatment, optimising patient outcomes. By unlocking new insights into the brain’s complexity, their technology aims to transform diagnostics and treatment for neurological conditions.

Comprising skilled experts and a distinguished Scientific Advisory Board, they’re developing non-invasive devices providing critical neurophysiological signals at the patient’s bedside. Join us in advancing neurosensing globally and making a lasting impact on brain health and technology.


10. Neurons



Neurons pioneers neuroscience-driven marketing solutions trusted by global brands like Estée Lauder, Google, and Facebook. Their AI-powered platform, Predict, eliminates guesswork by forecasting campaign, image, and video performance.

One feature provides insights into audience emotions through video and image tests, while another captures subconscious responses with eye-tracking and EEG data.

Backed by scientific validity, Neurons has achieved notable growth, opened a headquarters in Greater Copenhagen, and garnered awards for cutting-edge technology.