Top Apps And Startups For Bakers

Baking is a huge market in the UK, worth an estimated £5 billion according to the Federation of Bakers.

In fact, Mintel reports that the UK is home to over 40 million baking lovers, making it a popular hobby in UK homes. This popularity has grown massively in recent years, especially as TV shows like The Great British Bake Off, Master Chef and more have started to dominate British screens.


How Big Are UK Baking Businesses?


Baking businesses have also grown in popularity in recent years, driven by social media and a desire for better tasting baked goods. In 2022, Simply Business reported that home baking businesses rose by 230% – showing a real demand for the product.


How Has Tech Changed Baking?


Technology has completely revolutionised baking for both companies and individuals over the past few decades.

Elements of baking that used to be entirely manual, such as kneading, mixing and shaping can now be supported by technology.

In fact, the creation of AI ovens, which are able to adjust temperature, humidity and baking time based on the item within them, have also completely changed the game when it comes to cooking.

But this technology has not just helped baking businesses flourish, it has also inspired a whole new generation of food lovers to take up baking. Here, we look at the apps and startups that are leading this trend, helping to bring baking to kitchens nationwide…



The Best Apps And Startups For Bakers


Recipe Cost Calculator


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Designed for both amateur baking lovers who want to stick to a budget and entrepreneurs alike, the Recipe Cost Calculator is a great tool for anyone looking to keep an eye on their spend.

The app shows the total cost of a recipe, allowing baking entrepreneurs to more accurately price their products. For home bakers, the app is a great way track ingredient costs and manage cost efficiency.


Bake Diary


Bake Diary | Dublin


Running a bakery can require a lot of organisation, and so can managing complex baking projects from home.

Bake diary helps decorators and bakers manage their tasks by allowing them to input reminders, create orders and keep track of costs.

The app is perfect for anyone looking to better organise their baking, whether it’s for business or pleasure.




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Tasty is an app developed by Buzzfeed that helps bakers find and learn how to create amazing recipes.

The company not only includes recipe inspiration, but also a step-by-step instruction around how to make them. This can be a great tool for any baking novice, or simply someone wanting to upskill.




Bakesy Logo


More geared towards aspiring entrepreneurs, Bakesy helps baking lovers manage their home baking business all in one place.

The app allows users to create a website for their home bakery, manage orders and track payments, helping them turn their passion into a business project.




Crumb: AI Recipe Generator | Zero Waste Recipes


Crumb is the perfect app for bakers who want to make the most of what’s in their pantry.

The app uses AI to combine ingredients into full on meals, helping maximise ingredients already at home.


Mr Cook


Mr. Cook Review: Our Insider Tips and Verdict [2024]


Mr Cook is a recipe management app, designed to give bakers some inspiration when it comes to their creations.

The app allows users to scan handwritten recipes, import them from websites and even create new ones generated by AI.

Almost like a digital recipe book, it’s the perfect tool to help baking lovers keep their favourite recipes all in one place.