Top Startups And Apps To Help With Procrastination

Procrastination refers to the idea of unnecessarily putting off tasks or distracting yourself with other things until the last minute.

It can be a real stress – especially when a person needs to be productive around school or work. At its most extreme, procrastination can affect a person’s career, mood and damage their potential.


Why Do We Procrastinate?


Whilst there are many theories about why we procrastinate, the most common is that it is due to a lack of self-belief and a need to avoid negative emotions (stress) by putting off certain tasks.

The problem is, it can be a vicious circle: a person may procrastinate to avoid a stressful task, but then feel more stressed as the deadline approaches. All in all, it’s not particularly helpful.

Another theory is that people put off tasks that they are worried about failing in. This lack of self-belief just leads to avoidance – which fulfils the prophecy that the task won’t be done well.

Moreover, with the rise of technology and personal devices, there are now more distractions than ever to lead us towards procrastination.



Tech & Startups To Combat Procrastination


In recent years, tech – though once the source of procrastination – has emerged as a way to combat it.

Here are some of the top startups and apps designed to help.




Forest App - Trees for the Future


Forest is an innovative app that helps you stay focused through an incentive. When you want to start a task, you start growing a tree, which becomes bigger the longer you work on it.

Leaving the app halfway causes your tree to die, stopping you from picking up your phone. Daily focus can grow a whole forest, incentivising you to keep going.

The company then actually plants the tree, and is currently responsible for over 1.7M new plants.




How to Use Freedom to Support Your Priorities | J. David Stark


When working on a computer, one of the main distractions can be other sites on the internet.

Freedom works by blocking specific apps and websites on a device for a certain amount of time, forcing a person to remain productive.




Stay Focused: App/Site Blocker - Apps on Google Play


Similar to freedom, StayFocused is a website and app blocker, designed to restrict the usage of certain apps whilst working.

Whilst it can be used both for procrastination and also general screen time management, the app is great for anyone that gets tempted by their phone.


Pomodoro Timer


Pomodoro Timer – Apps on Google Play


The Pomodoro Timer app uses the Pomodoro technique, which includes working for 25 minute stints, taking a short break and repeating.

The timer runs in cycles, allowing people to focus for a specific period of time on their work.




Focus@Will: Control Your ADD - Apps on Google Play


Focus@Will is a subscription website that gives users sequences of music, designed to help them focus and improve productivity.

The app combines neuroscience and music to help them tune out distractions and stay focused on their tasks.


Today is the day


Today Is The Day


Today is the day is an app designed to help people combat procrastination by giving them a bespoke plan.

The app gives users anti-procrastination CBT exercises to help beat anxiety and combat procrastination at its root.




Focus To-Do: Pomodoro & Tasks on the Mac App Store


Part of combatting procrastination is around task management and focus-to-do is a platform that can help with this.

The app allows users to insert tasks and sub-tasks with deadlines, even allowing them to be recurring. It also uses a 25 minute focus technique, encouraging users to work through tasks in time increments that boost productivity.