Top Startups In Bath To Keep An Eye On

When envisioning the historic city of Bath, images of its quaint charm and picturesque limestone streets often come to mind. However, beyond its traditional allure, Bath has evolved into a fertile ground for startups to flourish.

In this article, we delve into the vibrant ecosystem of Bath’s startup scene, uncovering the top startups that are capturing attention with their creativity, innovation and unwavering determination.





Axiom is an AI-powered marketplace platform on a mission to tackle the challenges caused by multiple supplier punch-outs and managed catalogues across your different categories.  Welcome to the realm of intelligent marketplace solutions, where Axiom delivers a seamless, personalised buying experience spanning all your catalogue suppliers. Suppliers enjoy effortless one-click onboarding, while real-time procurement intelligence automation empowers procurement teams with unprecedented control over category spend.

Fuelled by data, propelled by intelligence, and steeped in innovation, bid farewell to the cumbersome catalogue purgatory and embrace a future where global organisations command their tailored marketplace. Picture a world where custom categories, suppliers, and resources are at your fingertips, where buyers revel in personalised searches, intelligent recommendations, and category-wide optimisation, and where procurement wields potent insights, automates actions, and achieves tangible outcomes. Suppliers, too, find their perfect match with the right buyers.

Are you prepared to unleash the full potential of your procurement strategy? Join Axiom and step into the future of B2B buying with frictionless content optimisation, beautiful personalised purchasing experiences, complete mastery over categories, and dynamic procurement orchestration.


Moki Health



Introducing Moki Health, the fitness tracker tailored specifically for schools to revolutionise classroom activity. With Moki Bands, schools are empowered to foster an active culture among students, providing a comprehensive snapshot of their physical activity levels. These innovative wearable wristbands effortlessly track steps and active minutes, offering educators a novel approach to promoting children’s health and well-being.

Moki Health recognises the global need to instil in children an understanding of the significance of movement and the dangers of sedentary lifestyles. Driven by a real passion for this mission, Moki Health invites like-minded individuals to join their worthwhile cause, encouraging widespread collaboration in the pursuit of a healthier, more active future for all young people.


Shakeup Cosmetics



Founded by men, for men, Shakeup Cosmetics develops solution-led products specifically for men’s skin type and skin concerns. On a mission to elevate men’s well-being through self-care, offering solution-focused skincare solutions meticulously crafted to cater to the distinctive needs of men’s skin, Shakeup Cosmetics’ goal goal is to empower men to look and feel their best, every day. Packed with skin-loving ingredients, these simple tools are designed to cover blemishes, clear up imperfections, and allow your skin to age healthily and gracefully

Already on track to become one of the UK’s fastest-growing men’s beauty brands, Shakeup Cosmetics is already making waves in over 1,300 retail outlets worldwide, spanning regions like the UK, Norway, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and China. Its products are sought after globally, with one sold every five minutes across the globe.

Moreover, Shakeup Cosmetics is deeply committed to fostering social well-being and protecting our planet. The platform infuses compassion, consciousness, and sustainability into every aspect of its brand, proudly holding PETA certification as Vegan and Cruelty-Free.




Roqqett is on a mission to revolutionise the way we pay each other and conduct online transactions, aiming to become the most sought-after payment solution. This dynamic FinTech startup is driven by a vision to instigate positive changes in the payments landscape and shape the future of online checkout experiences. Embracing innovation, Roqqett has developed a range of products tailored for both consumers and businesses, poised to drive meaningful change in the payments industry and enhance our financial management practices.

For businesses of all sizes, Roqqett offers a groundbreaking unified checkout solution across various channels, facilitating revenue growth through enhanced conversion rates, social engagement, and upselling opportunities. Designed to deliver a swift, satisfying, and cost-effective digital shopping experience, Roqqett’s seamless one-tap checkout journey accelerates conversions, improves cash flow, and reduces operational expenses.

Moreover, for shoppers, Roqqett provides a personalised checkout experience, simplifying the purchase process, enabling easy order tracking, and facilitating product discovery. With Roqqett, users can gain insights into their spending patterns and work towards achieving their financial goals by efficiently managing their finances.


Dot Project

Dot Project is dedicated to bolstering the resilience and confidence of the social sector, fostering an environment where individuals and organisations can thrive collaboratively. Serving as consultants, mentors, coaches, and conveners, Dot Project actively engages with social organisations, providing guidance and support to enhance their digital capabilities.

Dot Project conducts comprehensive evaluations of charities’ technology infrastructure, assessing the systems, tools, and data that underpin their operations, as well as evaluating team dynamics to gauge collective confidence, collaboration, and governance in embracing digital solutions. Dot Project also examines the influence of funders, advocating for the evolution of funding practices towards greater equity and impact.

Envisioning a future where organisations recognise and embrace their strengths, values, and vision, Dot Project aims to empower organisations with the confidence and resilience to navigate their unique digital journeys within a supportive community of partners committed to creating sustainable, interconnected impact.


Causal Map Ltd



Introducing Causal Map, an innovative online research tool designed to facilitate the coding, analysis, and visualisation of causal relationships within your data. Whether from interviews, reports, surveys, or other narrative sources, Causal Map empowers users to generate insightful causal maps effortlessly.

Causal Map serves as a valuable resource for organisations and researchers alike, enabling rapid comprehension and visualisation of stakeholders’ causal landscapes. Users can gain deeper insights into important issues for them and what drives those issues.

Now incorporating AI capabilities, Causal Map introduces a cutting-edge approach to causal mapping. Its tool offers a versatile solution for various research endeavours, such as social science studies, program evaluations, and the development of collective theories of change. Whether unravelling interviewees’ narratives, assessing program effectiveness or exploring cause-and-effect relationships in intricate conditions, Causal Map empowers users to navigate and make sense of complex data with ease.