Top 10 Startups In Cambridge To Keep An Eye On

Cambridge. To most, this is a city already renowned for its quaint beauty and rich intellectual landscape, and to top it all off, it is rapidly gaining recognition as a vibrant centre for innovation and entrepreneurship.

With one of the world’s top-ranking universities nestled within its historic walls, it comes as no surprise that the city is a perfect breeding ground for a new generation of startups to flourish. Come and take time to journey through these startup stories with us, delving into the profound impact they are poised to have on their industries and beyond.


1. Mestag Therapeutics


Mestag Therapeutics


Mestag Therapeutics understands the critical yet often underestimated role of activated fibroblasts in driving the immune system’s response to cancer and inflammatory diseases. With this insight, the company is pioneering a groundbreaking platform to develop urgently needed therapies. These therapies aim to leverage fibroblast-immune interactions to restore proper immune function in patients who do not respond to current treatments.

Their vision is clear: to significantly enhance the quality of life for individuals affected by inflammatory diseases and cancer.

Equipped with industry-leading expertise, Mestag is advancing tailored antibody programs and innovative treatment approaches with a sense of urgency. Their goal is to address the unmet needs of the 50-70% of cancer patients and 60% of inflammatory disease patients who do not benefit from existing immunotherapies.

Supported by dedicated global investors, visionary founders, and a seasoned leadership team, Mestag presents a promising healthcare platform at the forefront of immunotherapy innovation.


2. Zetta Genomics Ltd


Zetta Genomics Ltd


Zetta Genomics is on a mission to revolutionise healthcare outcomes for millions of patients worldwide by harnessing the power of genomic data and advancing the possibilities of precision medicine.

With over a decade of expertise in genomic data development, Zetta Genomics has collaborated with esteemed institutions like the University of Cambridge and Genomics England. Their pioneering product, XetaBase, is an innovative genomic-native tertiary analysis tool. Built on the Open CB platform, XetaBase enables the rapid extraction of insights from vast genomic datasets, paving the way for widespread access to precision medicine on a global scale.

As genomic databases expand from thousands to millions of sequences, XetaBase simplifies the increasingly complex landscape of genomic data management. Designed by and for researchers and clinicians, this innovative solution facilitates swift and seamless analysis that allows Zetta Genomics today to collaborate with healthcare systems, life sciences organisations, and global health tech companies to realise a future where precision medicine is accessible to all.


3. Harness Therapeutics


Harness Therapeutics


Harness Therapeutics has just one potentially life-changing mission: to physiologically upregulate targets that promise to provide disease-modifying therapeutics for neurodegenerative diseases. Employing a variety of mRNA-targeted oligonucleotide-based methodologies, their platform aims to modulate post-transcriptional regulation of protein synthesis, thereby increasing target protein levels.

Neurodegenerative disorders are debilitating conditions that progressively damage parts of the nervous system, particularly the brain, leading to cognitive and motor function decline and, ultimately, death. Harness Therapeutics is deeply committed to a transformative mission, driven by a fervent desire to develop genuinely disease-altering therapies for conditions affecting countless individuals. Despite such treatments capable of slowing or halting disease progression being scarce, the company remains resolute in its pursuit of life-changing therapies.

Their objective is to expand the target landscape for neurodegenerative diseases, advancing effective treatment solutions for the multitude of patients and families grappling with the inevitability of irreversible disease advancement, diminishing quality of life, and eventual mortality.


4. Agile Analog


Agile Analog


Agile Analog is on a mission to revolutionise the analogue IP market with its innovative configurable and multi-process technology, which autonomously generates analogue IP. With a rapidly expanding global clientele, the company’s appeal lies in its diverse array of cutting-edge analogue IP solutions and subsystems, spanning from Data Conversion and Power Management to IC Monitoring, Security, and Always-On Domains.

By pioneering a unique method for automatically generating bespoke analogue IP tailored to each customer’s specifications, Agile Analog eliminates the typical challenges associated with conventional custom IP, such as delays, expenses, and complexity. Their digitally encapsulated and rigorously verified solutions seamlessly integrate into any System-on-Chip (SoC), streamlining the design process and significantly reducing time and costs.

In overcoming the longstanding challenge of automating analogue circuitry design – a hurdle that has stunted the semiconductor industry for decades – Agile Analog is driving innovation in semiconductor design, propelling the industry forward and unlocking new possibilities for advancement.


5. Pivotal Future

Pivotal Future

Pivotal Future is dedicated to building a future where nature and business can coexist, all through incentivising the regeneration of biodiversity at scale. Recognising the indispensable role of biodiversity – a cornerstone supporting roughly half of global GDP – in creating the products and services we take for granted, Pivotal Future underscores the crucial necessity of safeguarding and restoring our natural ecosystems to sustain life as we know it.

With investment into biodiversity regeneration finally being prioritised on a global scale, there’s an urgent call to channel these financial resources into projects and startups offering practical, viable solutions. Stepping up to facilitate this endeavour, Pivotal Future furnishes individuals and businesses with the essential data needed to invest in tangible environmental outcomes. This can subsequently allow governments, corporations, and individuals worldwide to access cost-effective, scalable pathways that align biodiversity commitments with demonstrable, measurable results.

Leveraging an array of cutting-edge technologies, Pivotal Future captures on-the-ground biodiversity data which then undergoes meticulous analysis using machine learning, followed by scrutiny by ecosystem experts. This is being used to build the most comprehensive, species-level biodiversity dataset ever compiled while providing measured, quality-controlled analytics. Subsequently, the platform seamlessly links these measured gains to diverse financial mechanisms – ranging from sustainability-linked bonds to biodiversity credits – facilitating the flow of funds to projects and initiatives that create the most positive change.



6. PillSorted




Born out of a genuine passion for improving healthcare, PillSorted comprises a team of dedicated healthcare and technology experts striving to redefine the pharmacy experience and bring convenience to your doorstep. The platform is tirelessly developing cutting-edge technology to streamline dispensary tasks, ensuring timely and accurate service to free up valuable time for patient care.

PillSorted serves as your personalised pharmacy, taking charge of essential functions like organising repeat prescriptions, hand-delivering medications, and addressing pharmacist questions so that the internet doesn’t have to.

Simply approve PillSorted as your NHS pharmacy and grant them access to receive your prescription electronically, allowing them to deliver them for free to your doorstep as well as any other pharmacy items. This ensures you never face interruptions in accessing vital medications, while also enjoying personalised, top-tier customer service, expert pharmaceutical guidance, and the convenience of free next-day delivery for urgent treatment needs.


7. Signaloid


Signaloid recognises the pivotal role computation plays in accurately modelling our world, yet acknowledges the limitations of current computing systems, which often simplify reality to make it manageable. When faced with tasks requiring the calculation of all the possibilities implied by a set of data, existing computers must undergo numerous iterations of calculations, often necessitating modifications to the software. Enter Signaloid: the next frontier in computing.

An innovative startup, Signaloid offers a cutting-edge compute platform designed for seamless use in production, enabling users to explore the full spectrum of possibilities implied in their data at an unprecedented speed. Better yet, Signaloid achieves this feat while preserving the integrity of existing software, eliminating the need for costly modifications. By leveraging Signaloid’s compute platform, users can thus instil greater confidence in the autonomous actions of their computers.

Moreover, with the Signaloid Compute Engine, users can run their financial modelling applications with unparalleled efficiency, obtaining high-quality uncertainty quantification without resorting to expensive methods, making it an effective, cost-effective solution to your computing qualms.


8. Better Origin

Currently, food waste looms as a pressing global issue. According to Better Origin, food waste actually accounts for 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Of course, if things were done to nature, this waste wouldn’t exist – it would be absorbed by the soil or eaten by insects. Unfortunately, things haven’t been left up to nature, which is why Better Origin has created an innovative solution: To turn food waste into animal feed.

Better Origin employs black soldier fly larvae to efficiently consume food waste and produce nutrient-rich insect products. Its insect products, abundant in protein and other key nutrients, have the potential to supplant traditional ingredients like soy in animal feed, fishmeal in aquaculture feed, meat in pet food, and fertiliser production. With its versatile application across industries ranging from poultry to aquaculture and waste management, Better Origin’s innovative system can mitigate CO2 emissions, address food waste at its source (such as farms), reduce reliance on soy, and help prevent deforestation.

Having already forged partnerships with esteemed institutions such as the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, Innovate UK, the University of Cambridge, and Morrisons, Better Origin’s innovative solution stands as a testament to its potential to revolutionise sectors and help alleviate global environmental pressures.


9. CardiaTec Biosciences



For decades, cardiovascular disease has stood as the leading cause of global mortality, claiming over 17 million lives annually since the 1970s. Despite its impact, R&D in the field has been severely underfunded, resulting in a stagnation of novel therapeutic innovation and leaving a substantial unmet need among patients. Enter CardiaTec – this pioneering platform leveraging AI to revolutionise the development of cardiovascular disease drug targets.

Harnessing AI-driven multi-omics analysis, CardiaTec delves deep into vast biological datasets, unravelling intricate relationships spanning various biological layers and their implications for proteomic and metabolomic functions. This approach enables the identification of cutting-edge cardiovascular disease drug targets, driving forward therapeutic innovation to address critical patient needs.

Its strategic approach paves the way for the transition into a new era of personalized medicine for cardiovascular disease, departing from the conventional one-size-fits-all treatment paradigm and ushering in tailored therapeutic approaches tailored to individual patient needs.


10. VividQ




Imagine a world where the real and virtual aren’t separated by a screen. This is just what VividQ is striving to build. Pioneering groundbreaking visual experiences, VividQ harnesses cutting-edge technologies, including augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) headset manufacturers such as ‘Cobalt’ hardware development kits (HDKs). These HDKs empower our clients to introduce compelling new products set to revolutionize the gaming landscape.

At the heart of VividQ’s innovation lies its computer-generated holographic technology, transcending the limitations of conventional digital realism and ushering in a new era of immersive experiences. By seamlessly blending the virtual with the real, VividQ’s true 3D AR displays effortlessly bring digital objects to life for users, ensuring seamless integration with the physical environment while eliminating common discomforts such as nausea and eye strain. Moreover, its traditional 2D AR displays offer a similarly comfortable experience, helping users avoid nausea and eye strain.

Indeed, VividQ is dedicated to crafting a safer and more enjoyable AR and VR experience, where users can immerse themselves in captivating digital worlds without any barriers or adverse effects.