Introducing The UK OSINT Community: Bolstering UK Sovereign OSINT Capability

The vast amount of publicly available data across the internet represents a goldmine of valuable intelligence. Open-source intelligence (OSINT) is an intelligence discipline that leverages this information. 

Generally defined as the collection, evaluation, analysis, and dissemination of publicly available information to inform decision-making related to a specific requirement, OSINT can be harnessed to determine operational priorities, requirements, or intelligence gaps.

The concept of OSINT is not new; it has roots in traditional intelligence practices where information was gathered from publicly available resources such as newspapers and radio broadcasts. 

Today, OSINT is largely captured from the internet and involves a wide range of publicly and commercially available data sources, including social media, public records, vehicle records, breach data, satellite imagery, public cameras, and more.

The growing relevance of OSINT cannot be overstated. From government and law enforcement to insurance and private investigation, an increasing number of professionals in the UK are relying on tools, techniques, and workflows to harness public data.

However, despite its advantages, OSINT is not without challenges. One major issue is the sheer volume of data, which can be overwhelming and difficult to manage without the right tools and expertise.

Verifying the credibility and accuracy of information is another critical challenge, as the internet is rife with misinformation and disinformation. Ethical considerations also play a significant role, as analysts must navigate privacy concerns and ensure that their activities comply with legal standards. 


“Bolstering UK sovereign capability”


The need for a dedicated community to foster its development and ethical use within the UK has become increasingly apparent. A community can collaborate to overcome the challenges OSINT practitioners face.

The UK OSINT Community is a new initiative formed to bring these individuals together to share knowledge and advance and fully professionalise the field. By uniting experts, practitioners, and learners from diverse industries and sectors, this community will serve as a platform for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and capability development in the field of open-source intelligence.

Founded by 37 OSINT experts from diverse backgrounds, the UK OSINT Community represents a significant step forward in bolstering the UK’s sovereign capability in this increasingly important domain.

“The community’s vision is to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing to create a thriving UK OSINT network that collaborates across sectors, promotes ethical practices, advances capabilities, and develops expertise to harness open-source intelligence responsibly,” said Nathaniel Fried, a founding member of the UK OSINT Community. 

To achieve these goals, the UK OSINT Community has identified five strategic focus areas:

  • Establish and promote standards and best practices for ethical and responsible OSINT
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing and collaboration across industries
  • Promote OSINT awareness and advocacy
  • Enhance OSINT capabilities and resources across the UK
  • Develop OSINT talent and expertise

Membership in the UK OSINT Community is open to individuals and organisations from various sectors, including government, law enforcement, legal, insurance, security, media, private investigation, technology, cybersecurity, and academia.

By joining this community, members will gain access to a wealth of resources, networking opportunities, and the chance to contribute to the advancement of OSINT practices within the UK.

Join the UK OSINT Community today and be a part of this initiative! To apply to be a member, visit