University of Nottingham – Successful Alumni who Founded Startups

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Gareth Lewis – Delio





Gareth Lewis is a successful University of Nottingham graduate who founded his company, Delio, in 2015. Delio is at the forefront of transforming the private markets landscape digitally, aiming to help financial institutions being able to connect to their clients. This means they will be able to negotiate their private investment opportunities easily.

Delio provides the world’s most respected financial institutions with technology that is white-labelled and highly configurable. This will enable them to streamline, create and scale their end-to-end investment propositions which will remain private. In addition to this, they run DelioConnect which helps to connect investors ad firms. DelioConnect is a private markets ecosystem which operates globally and supports connectivity.

The team at Delio have decades of expertise which they have gained from some of the world’s top-rated financial institutions, making them more than just an average fintech company. They currently deliver top of the range technology, underpinned by a complex understanding of each specific business alongside any potential challenges faced by clients.



Adam Fine – Fives Futbol


fives futbol


University of Nottingham graduate Adam Fine has created Fives Futbol, offering an experience for players which is unrivaled worldwide. Fives Futbol provides players with the chance to enjoy football and sign up to a new team where they will be able to experience playing in state of the art facilities. They are floodlit, have synthetic grass and available in all weather conditions.

Five aside football is more accessible than the typical eleven a side matches, and Adam Fine has now brought his business to South Africa. The company is open every day of the week and has different products available at each individual venue. There are adult leagues, coach junior programs and host tournaments all available at the facilities alongside the opportunity to host events.

Fives provide a professional and simultaneously accessible experience too all customers. Fives aims to build and increase long-term fitness and also burns fat, lowers cholesterol and reduces blood pressure when participants play. Fives is more effective than 11-a-side as it helps to ensure that all players can receive an active and consistent workout within a short period of time.

Adam believes that the sport of football is an international language able to transcend barriers. Fives is easily accessible to all customers completely irrespective of age, gender, race and socio-economic background. The business helps to educate, motivate and inspire and has partnered with various projects to help to empower South Africans and tackle social and economic issues such as education, female empowerment, drug abuse, AIDS and more.

Fives operates as an efficient platform for networking, sharing knowledge and social team building.


Stephen Moses – Zenplans


Stephen Moses, Founder at Zenplans


Stephen Moses is the founder and CEO of Zenplans, and an alum of the University of Nottingham. Zenplans is a software company designed to help accountants, financial advisers and solicitors to create digital estate plans for their clients.

The business was inspired after Stephen saw his Dad’s will for the first time and thought about creating a platform that would make it easier to keep track of their personal information. In addition to this, Stephen wanted to make it easier for people to share key information securely with those closest to them, making estate administration an easier process.

Stephen is aiming to solve the growing challenges brought by a paperless society alongside the ever-growing digital footprints with regards to estate planning and probate. Zenplans has a user-friendly and highly secure platform that guides clients through the organisation of their important personal and financial information in one secure place, with the option to grant select people with access at different points in time.


If there is someone you would like to add to the list, please email us directly.