University of Southampton – Successful Alumni who Founded Startups

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Charlie Taylor – Sina Medical Technology




Sina Medical Technology is an end-to-end musculoskeletal (MSK) diagnostic and recovery service for use in both private and public healthcare. Sina is the only service that enables patients across the globe to diagnosis, monitor, triage and rehabilitate a musculoskeletal injury directly from their mobile or desktop without the need to visit a Doctor or physiotherapist. Sina’s technology enables the prioritisation of complex and acute MSK cases, the avoidance of unnecessary interventions, greater diagnostic precision and the personalisation of diagnostics and physiotherapy rehabilitation.

The team at Sina aim to build a holistic medical technology with long-term performance orientated goals to connect care teams and patients through data driven innovation. Their mission is simple: ‘To empower everyone to have access to world-class musculoskeletal healthcare. Through achieving this they hope to remove the world’s musculoskeletal healthcare inequalities.

The idea for Sina originated from the personal experiences of all the co-founders who were consistently sustaining musculoskeletal injuries both during sport but also simply in their daily lives. The founders were dissatisfied with the long waiting times, poor access and short follow up offered by public healthcare services and by the expensive price tags associated with private care.

Together, the founders thought that there must be a more affordable and accessible solution that also adequately reflects 21st century healthcare technologies. This, with the support of £8500 in funding from the University of Southampton Student Enterprise team, led to the creation of Sina Medical Technology ( Currently, Sina are in the process of launching their MVP which is able to remotely diagnose and rehabilitate over 75 MSK injuries across all of the major body joints.


Angela Bryant – Angel Rated & Cowork Crowd


Angela Bryant


Angela Bryant is the Founder of Angel Rated and co-Founder of Cowork Crowd. After completing her Bachelors degree in Maths at the University of Southampton, Angela went on to gain a Masters in Operational Research. She then went on to work for British Airways as a Senior Operational Research Analyst in the Marketing and Operations departments.

Angela’s career progressed into various director roles within different industries, and eventually she made the decision to leave the corporate world to establish her own business. It was Angela’s analytical background and skills that she drew on as she founded Angel Rated in 2019.

Angel Rated is an independent review site for online businesses and is the first of its kind. Angela identified that there was nowhere for her to read independent reviews of the tools, courses, and coaches she wanted feedback on, so she created this unique resource for female online business owners. The website helps them to find the perfect service or person for the next stage of their growth, in a time-efficient and informed manner. The platform also provides increased visibility and independent reviews for the businesses listed and offers reviewers the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience of the different products and services.

Earlier this year, Angela also co-Founded Cowork Crowd, an online coworking and accountability community for women in business.

Cowork Crowd initially began as an informal peer mastermind and accountability group which included a virtual coworking session. Angela said of the sessions “they were like magic. We were super focused and productive, and it really helped with loneliness, structure, accountability, procrastination and so much more”. Angela then joined forces with another member of the group to create Cowork Crowd and offer the service to others. Currently, members can join on a rolling basis for $10 per month for unlimited sessions.


Tom Whicher – DrDoctor


Tom Whicher


Tom is one of the three founders of DrDoctor, which was started back in 2012. DrDoctor is a digital healthcare company transforming the way hospitals and patients communicate by using AI driven technology to tackle the strain on the NHS.
Tom is a biomedical engineer by background, studying ship science at Southampton University.

He worked for a management consulting firm before identifying an opportunity to improve hospital outpatient appointment bookings. Tom started the business because of his own personal experience of sitting in an outpatient department, watching patients struggling to get the appointment they needed at the right time. He felt there had to be a way of enhancing this process with technology to improve the experience for these patients.

DrDoctor was born from a passion to empower clinicians to work better together by giving them the tools they need to communicate efficiently and run their clinics differently. The platform aims to improve communication around scheduling outpatient appointments between patients and hospitals. This not only helps clinicians but gives the patient agency to look after their own health by providing them the option to cancel an appointment when they need to or schedule one at a time when it suits them.

The DrDoctor patient engagement platform is about shifting outpatient interactions from being place and time based to being virtual, giving everybody the care they need, when they need it. Their ultimate goal is to make all interactions virtual by default and to help the NHS to become truly ‘digital-first’. DrDoctor is currently deployed across 35 major hospitals around the UK including Guy’s and St Thomas’ and Great Ormond Street, with over 10 million patients using the platform.


Dr Rachael Grimaldi – CardMedic


rachael grimaldi


Co-Founder, CEO and CMO Dr Rachael Grimaldi, is an NHS anaesthetist at Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust and has many years’ experience in anaesthetics, critical care, emergency medicine and surgery. Fellow co-founder and COO Tim Grimaldi is a successful entrepreneur, having previously led an e-commerce company to £10m global revenue. Tim has over 15 years’ experience in digital technology, branding and marketing. Together, they co-founded CardMedic in April 2020, shortly after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rachael was inspired to create CardMedic after seeing a TV interview while stranded abroad on maternity leave in the first wave of the pandemic. A UK patient who had survived COVID-19 described feeling terrified of not being able to understand what healthcare professionals were saying, due to the limitations of communicating through Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
This emphasised the longstanding barriers to good communication in healthcare and the huge gaps in service provision. How could these be overcome? What if clinical conversations were made available on an app or website and staff could instantly flex the content to different languages, sign language videos, easy read, or read-aloud?

From concept to launch in 72 hours, CardMedic has had over 50K users in 120 countries and 22K app downloads since April 2020, garnering government support, awards, grants, investment and international press coverage. Rachael, Tim, and the team at CardMedic are passionate about improving communication between healthcare staff and patients globally to improve patient safety, experience and quality of care, and reduce health inequities.

CardMedic is a digital point-of-care communication tool offering instant access to bespoke flexible communication support for patients with differing needs, capacities, languages and backgrounds. It’s accessed through the CardMedic website or mobile application and provides multi-lingual content, sign-language videos, easy-read, and read aloud content replicating clinician-patient conversations.


If there is someone you would like to add to the list, please email us directly.