Is WordPress The Perfect CMS For Startups and Entrepreneurs?

There are movies out there that are simply mind blowing if you are in the right mood, and simply mediocre or even dull if you are not. If you are a disenfranchised and beaten down man in our modern world, then Fight Club is a world changing movie, but it was panned by critics when it was first released.

Event Horizon perhaps gives the most chilling glimpse of Hell ever brought to screen, but it lost $30 million and flopped. And, as most people know, the Shawshank Redemption was a big flop when it first aired and is now considered a top 100 classic. What does this have to do with WordPress? The fact is that WordPress is the Fight Club of website builders.

It is the Shawshank Redemption of content management systems, and if you enter the process with the right frame of mind, then in your hands falls a truly brilliant website building tool.

Why Do Some People Dislike WordPress?

Just like Fight Club, Event Horizon, and the Shawshank Redemption, there are plenty of reasons why people dislike WordPress. It has the Fight Club problem of being misunderstood by some because it requires work. It has the Event Horizon problem of being a little too deep and complex. WordPress also has the Shawshank Redemption problem of being a good experience while masquerading as an all-around average experience.

To gain the full benefit of WordPress and understand its depth and capacity, you need a service like to help you get to grips with it. However, if you are just getting started with your business, then scratching the surface of WordPress is just fine. You can keep things very simple and do very well with WordPress, which is probably why this content management system has endured above all others.

Isn’t WordPress Expensive?

Yes, WordPress is expensive. The system itself is free, but if you are not a tech savvy expert, then you will need a managed WordPress hosting package, which often costs money. They will charge you a fee for hosting and a fee for managing your WordPress systems, not to mention the costs of your domain name, online security and so forth.

Getting started with WordPress is pretty expensive, but you have to think of it as a longer-term investment. 

You could start with one of many cheaper alternatives, but over the years, you are going to want to expand, grow, evolve and mature your website. You are going to want and need added tools and features that your current website host and CMS simply cannot provide.

Even if they can provide them, you cannot create a truly efficient website because of how they have set up their systems. As a result, you need to move to WordPress, and moving from one host and one CMS to another is a very labour-intensive and difficult task. Almost everybody to attempt it ends up losing backlinks and search engine rankings. 

Buying The Toolbox

Think of WordPress as the CMS that offers you a full toolbox. It doesn’t have every tool, but it has the space for every tool. It doesn’t have every feature, but you can add them in and integrate them with relative ease. Your large toolbox is more expensive, but it doesn’t have the limitations of other content management systems. 

If you are just starting out, then pay that little bit extra and get yourself on the WordPress train. As time goes on and you recognize the benefits of WordPress, and as you grow more familiar with it, you will be glad of the freedom and flexibility it offers you. Plus, there is far less chance of WordPress and bust when compared with other content management systems. At its current level, WordPress will be around longer than Google.


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