Why Working For Startups After University is a Good Experience

Whilst everyone wants the perfect job coming out of university, it is said that around 20% of graduates today in the UK will land their first job working for a startup. Whether this is a startup in tech, finance or retail, there are plenty of opportunities working for startups in London and further afield and this can offer great exposure to business for young people coming straight out of university. We review why working for a startup is worth the hustle. 


Work Closely With Decision Makers


Startups are usually small in their early stages, and this should give you close access to the founders and decision makers of the business, which is truly excellent exposure.

In large corporations, the bosses are usually out of reach and completely inaccessible. But in a startup environment, it is very common to have regular interaction with the founders, even at a junior level. This relationship can be hugely beneficial in terms of learning what goes on at a startup, the thought process, the challenges they overcome and also developing a close bond with someone who is senior and experienced and could be valuable for the rest of your career.


Entrepreneurial Mindset Development


Working for a startup cultivates an entrepreneurial mindset. According to a study by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), the UK has seen a rise in entrepreneurial activity, with a growing number of individuals expressing an interest in starting their own businesses.

Daniel T of Pheabs commented: “By being part of a startup, graduates can witness firsthand the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, fostering a mindset that values innovation, resilience, and adaptability.”


Hands-On Experience and Responsibilities


Startups often provide employees with significant responsibilities early in their careers. The UK government’s Start Up Loans programme, which supports aspiring business owners, emphasises the importance of hands-on experience for entrepreneurs. Joining a startup allows recent graduates to take on meaningful roles, make impactful decisions, and directly contribute to the company’s success, accelerating their professional growth.

Exposure to Diverse Roles


Startups, typically characterised by lean teams, require employees to wear multiple hats. This exposure to diverse roles enhances skill sets and adaptability. According to a survey by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), 80% of employers in the UK believe that adaptability is a crucial skill for employees.

Working in a startup equips young professionals with the agility needed to navigate the evolving demands of the modern workforce.


Networking Opportunities


The startup ecosystem offers unparalleled networking opportunities. According to a report by Tech Nation, the UK’s national network for tech entrepreneurs, the country has a vibrant tech community with numerous events and networking platforms. 

Working for a startup exposes graduates to industry events, mentors, and fellow professionals, fostering valuable connections that can shape their future careers.


Job Satisfaction and Impact


Startups often provide a sense of purpose and direct impact, contributing to higher job satisfaction. A study by TotalJobs found that 67% of employees in the UK consider job satisfaction a top priority. Working for a startup allows recent graduates to see the tangible results of their efforts, contributing to a fulfilling and rewarding professional experience.

Working for a startup straight out of university in the UK is a valuable and enriching experience for young graduates. 

The dynamic learning environment, entrepreneurial mindset development, hands-on experience, exposure to diverse roles, emphasis on innovation, networking opportunities, and job satisfaction collectively make startup employment an attractive option for those eager to kickstart their careers with impact and meaning. The evolving landscape of the UK’s startup ecosystem provides an exciting backdrop for graduates to embark on a journey of professional growth and discovery.