11. Micro Scooters

Company: Micro Scooters

Founder: Anna Gibson

Website: https://www.micro-scooters.co.uk/


About Micro Scooters

Transforming the everyday one school run at a time. In 2004 Anna Gibson and Philippa Gogarty started selling scooters at the school gates. They did so because they had experienced the pain of getting young kids out and about in a safe and fun way. Buggy tantrums, school run meltdowns, tired and frustrated toddlers. Anna and Philippa had been there, seen it and got the t-shirt.

Surely, they thought, there is a quicker, cleaner, greener, more fun way for families to enjoy outdoor time together. Surely, the school run shouldn’t be so fraught.

Enter the eponymous Mini Micro scooter. The 3-wheeled phenomenon you see being used by millions of kids daily on the school run.

Anna, a maritime lawyer and Philippa, a charity fundraiser, ordered their first container of Mini Micro scooters and started selling them at the school gates. 20 years later now, over 1 million children scoot to school on a Micro every single day. And over the past 5 years, their parents are getting in on the act too. Using adult scooters to do the school run and carrying on to work on 2 wheels.

Micro Scooters have revolutionised the way millions of families get from A-B. The range now includes ride-on scooters for 12-month-olds up to the Micro Lino – an electric car built for whizzing around towns and cities.

One million families scooting to school is 1 million fewer cars on the road during peak hours. Micro Scooters are a B Corp company and the only scooter brand to be awarded Carbon Neutral Status. Not only is the product good for people and the planet the company is too.

From donating 1% of all profits to charity to running ScooterAid for nearly 15 years, which is Micro’s charity scheme. ScooterAid revamps old/unwanted scooters and rehomes them with children who may otherwise miss out.

More recently, Anna and Philippa have launched a range of scooters made from recycled fishing nets. Each Micro scooter is made with individual parts, too which means it can be repaired or revamped to extend its lifetime by handing it down to younger siblings for example.

2 parents coping with one buggy tantrum too many has resulted in 1 million fewer cars on the road and millions more serene school runs. Micro Scooters – transforming the everyday.


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