10. Weleda

Company: Weleda

Founder: Rudolf Steiner

Website: https://www.weleda.co.uk/


About Weleda

Starting as a pharmaceutical laboratory in 1921, Swiss-based Weleda is now the World’s leading manufacturer of natural and organic cosmetics and anthroposophical pharmaceuticals. Developed on a unique understanding of people and nature, Weleda is now represented in over 50 countries across all five continents.

Weleda’s work is based on a profound understanding of the relationship between humans and nature and the responsibility that bares. Weleda is aware of the impact of its actions on the planet and wider society and sees itself as a role model for society and a pioneer of innovation for change. This guiding principle is rooted at the heart of its corporate purpose and Weleda is forever committed to making sustainable choices for the business and consumers. In 2021, Weleda celebrated 100 years by becoming B-Corp certified, joining a global movement of sustainability-minded organisations that operate in a responsible and environmentally sustainable way that adds value to society.

In 2021, Weleda launched it’s global ‘Save Earth’s Skin’ campaign to raise awareness of soil health with an emotive CTA to protect the soil as we would our own skin. Weleda teamed up with Arizona Muse and Poppy Okotcha who shared top tips for looking after soil, and Weleda also partnered with the TreeSisters Charity, where a tree was planted with every purchase of Weleda’s trademark Skin Food product during the campaign period. As a result, 27,000 trees were planted to improve biodiversity and soil health. The Save Earth’s Skin Campaign has won several awards including the British Award for Sustainability at Marie Claire UK Prix D’Excellence Awards 2023.

Weleda has made substantial progress over the past 5 years to increase its use of recyclable materials in packaging – increasing from 10% in 2016 to 65% in 2022 and is working to make the switch to 100% recycled materials by 2030.

Weleda is also one of the founding members of NATRUE, an international non-profit organisation that promotes and protects authentic, natural, and organic cosmetics. The NATRUE label sets the highest standards to ensure quality and integrity. All Weleda products are made exclusively from natural ingredients and free of silicones and microplastics.

Weleda’s supply chain management system is also UEBT certified, meaning strict guidelines are followed to ensure it is sourcing ingredients with respect for biodiversity and humans. Weleda natural and organic cosmetics carry the UEBT seal, a globally recognised standard for ethical trade in natural resources.

Weleda is also vocal in political lobbying initiatives to improve sustainable practices and governance. In January 2023, Weleda signed an open letter to the EU calling for a widespread ban on the use of microplastics in beauty products. In March Weleda also called on the EU to deliver a more ambitious policy on soil health.

Weleda’s UK Managing Director is Jayn Sterland. Its Head of Corporate Sustainability is Dr Stefan Siemer.


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