9. Silicate

Company: Silicate

Founder: Maurice Bryson

Website: https://www.silicatecarbon.com/


About Silicate

Founded in County Sligo in Ireland in 2021, Silicate uses returned concrete to permanently remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

It is the first company in the world to leverage the carbon-removal potential of waste concrete as an enhanced weathering material. Silicate’s process involves taking returned, surplus-to-requirements concrete from the construction sector and processing it into fine dust. This dust is then applied to farmland as a soil pH amendment, which, once weathered, permanently removes CO2 from the atmosphere. Silicate then measures how much CO2 it has removed through that process and sells carbon removal credits to third parties, such as Klarna.

The company’s mission is to permanently remove excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere at climate-relevant levels by enhancing Earth’s natural weathering process. Silicate’s foundational scientific research indicates that hundreds of millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide could potentially be safely and permanently removed from the atmosphere each year with returned concrete. The company’s planned expansion to include other materials in its carbon removal process, such as demolished concrete, could see this figure increase to billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide being permanently removed from the atmosphere each year.

The past two years have seen Silicate refine its science and measurement process, and, while in its infancy, has already garnered interest from investors as well as customers. This includes pre-purchase carbon removal credit deals with Klarna, Milkywire and Carbon Future, and it was recently named as one of just two winners of the THRIVE | Shell Climate-Smart Agriculture Challenge, following a rigorous global search and an applicant pool of almost 400 startups from across 63 countries.

The company is planning to undertake a seed round in Q2 2023 to further develop its industry-leading enhanced weathering measurement process, and to scale its operations to new territories such as the USA and Europe.


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