13. Future Farm

Company: Future Farm

Website: https://futurefarm.io/

Founders: Marcos Leta & Alfredo Strechinsky


future farm


About Future Farm

Future Farm is an independent food company that uses cutting-edge tech to create the best plant based meat on the market – mince, burgers, sausages, meatballs and chicken – all fuelled by a vision of a world where people no longer choose to eat meat from animals because plant-based substitutes out-performs it in all areas.

The brand has set out to make meatpackers obsolete, and to foster the movement towards GMO-free and deforestation free produce in place of those that are unethical and illegal.

“As a food company who uses technology, we are continually reinventing and looking to improve in terms of taste, sustainability, and healthiness. We know how indispensable these pillars are to consumers, as well as for ourselves. Our newest range of the 2030 Future Farm products comes at the start of a new era in the company and the plant-based market with new technology that will allow us to continually ‘update’ all our products, making them better for people and our planet.” – Future Farm Co-founder, Marcos Leta

While tech and innovation lead the production process, the founders are committed to ensuring all ingredients used in their products are made from 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality and are made using the freshest soy on the market. Combined with the short harvesting to production timescale, this practice ensures that Future Farm products have the highest grade of flavour, but as well as a high nutritional value.

In Brazil, the Future Farm Burger accounts for a staggering 23% of all meat and non-meat burger sales. In January 2020, Future Farm struck an exclusive deal with Sainsbury’s as a part of their Future Brands programme, selling the range both online and across 400 stores nationwide.