12. Love Logs

Company: Love Logs

Website: https://www.love-logs.com/

Founder(s): Heather Emery & Paul Strachan


love logs


About Love Logs

Co-founded by Heather Emery and her partner, Paul Strachan, Love Logs is the UK’s first 100% plastic-free firewood retailer: after recognising the unsustainable nature of the firewood industry and the sheer volume of waste it produces, the pair founded the start-up during the summer lockdown last year and have gone on to fulfil over 5K orders to date.

Based in the Midlands, Love Logs stocks a range of British firewood, charcoal and natural firelighters and specialise in offering ‘Fuel Kit’ bundles for pizza ovens, barbecues, fire pits and log burners. Most recently, Love Logs diversified its offering by launching a Barbecue and Smoking range, to provide its customers with locally sourced, sustainable British charcoal and smoking wood that is also 100% plastic-free.

Having worked in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects since its inception last year during the summer lockdown, the start-up has consistently delivered on its founding promise to incite positive change and to set a new precedent for businesses – both small and large – across the UK. Most recently, in support of Plastic-Free July, the start-up has pledged to remove the equivalent of 10 bottles of ocean plastic – alongside its tree planting pledge – for every order it receives throughout the month.

As well as using zero plastic in any of its products or packaging, Love Logs partners with the Eden Reforestation project to plant two trees for every order it receives and has just celebrated its 1st anniversary by hitting the 14K trees milestone. The start-up also works with 100% British suppliers to offers its customers sustainably-sourced firewood and charcoal.

Heather and Paul are both extremely eco-conscious and passionate about doing their bit as small business to protect the environment and to prove that any start-up or larger business can be just as sustainable if they choose to be.