19. Kebony

Company: Kebony

Founders: Roy Johannesen (Laeng), Trond Johannesen (Laeng), Frederik Vogt-Lorentzen, Trygve Fjetland, Rolf H Reierskog, and Marc Schneider.

Website: https://kebony.com/


About Kebony

Founded in Norway, Kebony is one of the world’s most exciting technology companies, producing the most sustainable and long-lasting alternative to hardwood globally and helping the world reduce its CO₂ emissions.

Kebony recognises that the construction industry is one of the world’s most heavily polluting industries, and the unprecedented biodiversity loss of vital carbon sinks like the Amazon is at the heart of the global climate crisis. Since 1997, Kebony has played a leading role in meeting the ever-increasing global demand for hard, durable timber, whilst protecting the planet’s vulnerable pristine rainforests, by producing alternative construction materials through its patented wood modification technology.

Kebony’s dual-modification process utilises a heating technique using furfuryl alcohol, a natural agricultural by-product, to permanently transform sustainable softwoods such as pine into reinforced timber material with features that are comparable, and in some cases superior, to those of precious tropical hardwoods.

This production process yields products that deliver major improvements in durability and dimensional stability, and at the same time remaining naturally beautiful, and contributing to a lower carbon footprint. While tropical hardwoods can take 80-200 years to grow, fast-growing softwoods used for Kebony products grow in as little as 25-30 years, and during the growth of these trees and crops used as raw materials, carbon is captured from the atmosphere, contributing to a global reduction in CO₂. Kebony wood is durable, weather resistant and requires little to no maintenance, making it ideal for a variety of applications including outdoor decking and cladding.

Recognised for its sustainable, FSC-certified (Forest Stewardship Council) credentials, Kebony has been used in projects in over 100 countries around the world, and by 2030, the company plans for Kebony wood to be used in developments globally as the need for eco-friendly alternatives in construction intensifies and sustainable wood becomes the new normal. Kebony has already been used in some of the world’s most ambitious, sustainable, and highly acclaimed developments, including most recently the world-renowned redevelopment of Battersea Power Station in London. With a global reach and reputation, Kebony Wood continues to be the first choice for many leading architects.

In October 2021, Kebony announced the completion of a EUR 30m investment round led by Jolt Capital and Lightrock. The company’s recent investment will support Kebony’s “growth strategy and will leverage the significant operational scalability to continue the profitable growth journey”. Kebony is now targeting exciting growth opportunities, with additional sales teams appointed in West and Central Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.


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