18. Risilience

Company: Risilience

Founder: Dr Andrew Coburn

Website: https://risilience.com/


About Risilience

Risilience has built a climate intelligence platform that enables organisations to understand physical and transition climate risks, and quantify the impact of these risks in financial terms while planning and executing a path to net zero.

Risilience integrates fourfold expertise of science, risk, business and technology to solve these multifaceted challenges.

Through unique, digital-twin technology, Risilience empowers clients to stress test a range of scenarios, facilitating them to quantify climate risk to inform business strategies, and to take a proactive approach to capitalise on opportunities presented by the low-carbon economy.

Born out of the Centre for Risk Studies (CCRS) at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School, Risilience started its mission in 2021 to help organisations understand the highly complex climate-risk landscape.

Shortly after its inception, Risilience raised a Series A round of $6 million, and earlier this year, it closed a Series B round, bringing in an extra $26 million in funding.

Businesses could lose up to 30 per cent of their business value if they fail to act on climate-related risks. In response to the challenges global businesses face in understanding and quantifying the financial effects of climate risk, Risilience provides the insight companies need to form robust, flexible and adaptable net-zero plans to surface opportunities.

Crucially, Risilience solves specific challenges faced by multiple departments, including:

  • Finance, who need to protect businesses, and climate risk has the power to erode business value substantially through inaction
  • Risk, who need to stay ahead of climate-related risks, understand how long it will take to prepare, and understand the financial impact while reporting to the board
  • Sustainability, who need to deliver a net-zero strategy that will stand up to scrutiny and assure investors their firm is following a science-led approach

Risilience has driven impactful outcomes for the world’s leading household name enterprises, including Nestlé, Burberry, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, Reckitt, easyJet and Tesco.

David Croft, Global Director of Sustainability, Environment and Human Rights at Reckitt, comments: “Risilience gives you great analytics that measure materiality around those types of behaviours and then help to define and develop responses for you that you can build into product innovation, brand development.”

Risilience has drawn praise from prominent analyst houses including IDG and Verdantix, appearing in a very favourable way in both of their reports.

Alison Bewick, Head of Group Risk Management at Nestlé states: “Conducting scenario analyses has provided us with a much deeper understanding of the potential exposures we may face, enhancing our strategic discussions and financial planning process.”

Finally, Risilience is featured in the likes of the WSJ, The Times and the BBC. Major reporters are recognising the impact Risilience is having.


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