21. Syllucid

Company: Syllucid

Founders: Andrew Appleby & Fabian Hühne

Website: https://syllucid.com/


About Syllucid

Dutch tech start-up Syllucid produces USB charging cables designed to be durable, fair and better for the planet, with the mission to reduce the climate impact of consumer tech.

The idea for better USB cables came to life when founders Andrew Appleby and Fabian Hühne — who met working at Fairphone — became frustrated with the damaging electronics industry and poor quality cables. Large environmental and social issues are hidden in complex supply chains, but most people do not realise the material origins and climate impact of electronics. Syllucid began solving these problems since 2020 through the innovation of a better charging cable.

Starting with the everyday charging cable, people can make a more positive impact on our world by choosing better electronics.

Durability in the details: Designed to last with woven braiding, bend protectors, thicker conductor wires, a reinforced core, gold-plated connectors and over 10k bends. With a 5-year warranty, people can use it for a long time, save money and reduce e-waste.

Recycled plastics and metals: Our circular materials reduce CO₂ pollution by approximately 80% compared to new-material cables. Origin cables are made with 100% certified recycled plastics (PET, nylon, TPE), 100% certified recycled and carbon-neutral tin solder wires and 30% certified recycled aluminium. Plus the materials can be recycled again and again.

Impact projects: Supports Fairtrade Gold and PUR for safer gold mining, protecting the environment near metal mines and reforesting the Peruvian Amazon.

So far, we have raised nearly €30k in our Indiegogo campaign (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the-first-fair-sustainable-universal-usb-cable/x/25961299#/) for our flagship modular magnetic cable, we are launching a new range this month called Syllucid Origin, and we’re the first USB cable range in the world to support Fairtrade Gold.

“Starting with the everyday charging cable, people can make a more positive impact on our world by choosing better electronics. We are dedicated to producing fair, sustainable and long-lasting electronic products to reform the consumer tech industry. We want to connect consumers to how their products are made and give them a responsible alternative in a market segment full of unloved and unsustainably-produced tech.” — Fabian Hühne, Co-Founder and MD

We believe in a world where electronics are better for the planet and fair to the people that make them.


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