22. Flame UK

Company: Flame UK

Founder: Pam Knight

Website: https://flameuk.co.uk/


About Flame UK

Flame UK is one of the UK’s leading waste management brokers. Dedicated to the commercial sector, Flame UK support businesses to implement sustainable and cost-effective waste management systems. These help our customers to not only reduce their waste management costs as well as increase their recycling rates. We provide our customers with everything from hazardous waste collections and pallet recycling to waste equipment rental and event waste management.

Flame UK was established in 2015 by Managing Director, Pam Knight. The business has since achieved significant growth and become a key player in the waste management industry.

The waste industry has a huge impact on the environment and Flame UK is setting out to change that. We operate on a zero-to-landfill approach, ensuring that we’re recycling and recovering as much of our customers’ waste as possible. Through our operations, we’ve been able to save over 65,000 tonnes of waste from going to landfill each year. We believe that there’s a reuse, recycling, or recovery route for every waste material.

We’re constantly investing in methods to recover as much material as we can from all the waste we collect. We want to create a circular economy where we can provide a sustainable solution for every waste stream. If we can ensure that we’re avoiding landfill at all costs, we’re doing our bit to build a more sustainable future. Through our partnerships, we’ve been able to find recovery routes for things most people believe can’t be recycled. We can turn used disposable vapes into hoarding for scaffolding. We can recycle used oil into biodiesel.

We’re also one of the first waste brokers within the UK to offer a carbon-neutral waste collection service. We know that the waste industry can produce a lot of CO2. We’ll schedule waste collections and routes to reduce the travel emissions from waste collection vehicles. Where possible we’ll use low emissions vehicles to reduce the emissions even more. Once the waste has been collected, we’ll calculate the remaining carbon emissions and offset that through UN-accredited carbon credits. Not only are we offering this to our customers, but we also practice what we preach too. In 2022, we had our carbon assessment completed by Nottingham Trent University. From this, we’ve been able to identify carbon reduction methods and implement changes to allow us to become a Carbon Neutral Business.

This isn’t the only thing Flame UK have done to help its customers become more sustainable. We’re currently working on a sustainability roadmap, for us and our customers. We’ll use this to help our customers create a sustainability plan for their business, identifying waste reduction opportunities and a social development plan for their business.


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