23. The Smart Container Company

Company: The Smart Container Company

Founder: Tamara Goldstein

Website: https://www.smartcontainer.co.uk/


About The Smart Container Company

The Smart Container Company is an IoT startup innovating the beverage supply chain, with a focus on draught beer.

Beer is one of the oldest industries and is one of the most consumed liquids in the world. The process of managing beer kegs, however, is challenging due to a lack of visibility into the containers. Problems in the supply chain include excess beer wastage, poor distribution, inefficient forecasting, inaccurate sourcing of ingredients, and lost containers – to name a few.

The Smart Container Company has invented a patent-pending IoT device, which can be added to any standard-sized keg and continuously monitor its temperature, volume, motion, and location – instantly turning these containers into “smart” kegs.

Our IoT device, KegTracker, collects a unique dataset and utilises modern machine-learning algorithms to create real-time access to data from the entire supply chain. The transparency provided allows for reduced operational inefficiencies, improved decision-making, and unparalleled knowledge about the keg. These improvements promote better usage of the keg, which in turn reduces the waste from single-use containers such as cans and bottles, and reduces the carbon footprint of the industry as a whole.


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