23. Sensat

Company: Sensat

Website: https://www.sensat.co/

Founders: James Dean & Harry Atkinson




About Sensat

Leading the data capture and visualisation market in civil infrastructure, Sensat is building technology that translates the real world into a digital version, to help physical industries, such as construction, analyse and understand their built environments and make smarter, more sustainable decisions. Sensat does this by capturing real-world data using electric drone technology and creating digital representations which can be visualised in Sensat’s digital twin platform, turning virtual reality into sustainable reality. So why does this matter?

Last year alone, Sensat helped civil infrastructure customers reduce carbon emissions by up to 92%, by enabling firms to collect survey data more efficiently and effectively using drones and reduce pollutant vehicle usage and emissions, which are needed for conventional survey data collection. Sensat’s platform helps reduce emissions further as civil infrastructure firms can get that clearer picture on a project or site from any device—past, present and future—without having to go on site. This means less boots on the ground for taking accurate measurements, which reduces the impact of things like earthworks as less dirt is removed, and ensures greater predictability and accuracy with decision-making and material consumption. So, in turn, reduces pollution and waste… and this is just the start.

As Sensat’s platform moves towards automated and intelligent decision-making and autonomous operations, underpinned by artificial intelligence, it will be essential technology for firms to understand more about where their own project is heading, what can be done differently and how they prepare—helping drive positive climate change by providing the means to reduce inaction and inefficiency in working practices and processes that cause pollution today.

While Sensat’s mission is to provide civil infrastructure with the understanding to shape a sustainable world, our vision is to ensure all physical industries can be their best by enabling digital twins that help all organisations make the most sustainable decisions.