22. Impact Score

Company: Impact Score

Website: https://www.impactscore.app/

Founders: Ian Yates & Josh Simpson


impact score


About Impact Score

Since 2018 the Giki badges has been helping people find more sustainable and nutritious products through a simple app that scans the barcode of your groceries and presents back information such as if it contains sustainable palm oil, is tested on animals or has been responsibly sourced.

The GIKI app was recently acquired by the team behind Impact Score – the app that scores businesses for things such as CO2 emissions, gender pay gap and whether they pay employees the real Living Wage – and they have some big ideas.

Ian Yates, Co-Founder of Impact Score said, “Almost 100,000 people have downloaded the apps in the UK alone and we get lots of feedback as to why they love them. Most people want to live more sustainably, but it’s hard – they often don’t know what is the right thing to do.

“They lack trust in what businesses say, so turn to us as a credible, independent source of data and a company who cares about the same things they do.”

Not only has it proved popular with customers, with 83% of the GIKI users admitting they have changed a decision about buying a product, children absolutely love being part of the sustainability mission. The first step is the development of a new scoring system. The vision is similar to how the electronics market measures energy ratings of products – easy to understand and compare between products.

And Impact Score are partnering with university academics to get this right. Independent verification of the methods and algorithms ensures the ratings will continue to be trusted by consumers. With over 30 different criteria from organisations such as Fairtrade and the Rainforest Alliance, this is no easy task.

Impact Score plans to continue to grow and expand by working in partnership with retailers and building these product ratings into their consumer shopping journey. For example, when the consumer is shopping online or through a supermarket app, every product will shows an ‘A-G impact Score®’.

Consumers will see at point-of-purchase the sustainability score of every product and compare it to alternatives. They will see the total impact of their shopping basket and the price differential between more and less sustainable products. It may even be linked into rewards programs that benefit both the consumer and the planet.