21. 2hand

Company: 2hand

Website: https://2hand.co.uk/

Founders: Jo Spolton, Sam Turner & Stephen Homan-Berry




About 2hand

2Hand is addressing the problem of too much stuff in the world, consumers are still tuned into buying new because they lack the time and patience to look around for what they need on upcycled, refurbished or pre-loved websites.

There are so many places to search in, that a staggering 80% of people we surveyed, gave up and bought new if they did not find the item within two weeks! Only 5% of people looked across more than 3 sites.

With its ability to absorb data in different formats from its currently connected 13 sites, 2Hand makes it super easy by doing all the legwork for users. They type in what they want, where they want to look, then 2Hand searches all of it’s second-hand partner sites, delivering a large choice of items in one go.

With more sites connecting every month 2Hand will be the place to look for pre-loved, refurbished items. Set up an alert and 2Hand will keep you at the front of the queue by sending updates daily of any new items that match the requirements.

The platform not only enables users to save money, time and the planet in one go, but it has blogs and newsletters all about sustainable living; how to live life with a lighter tread. Tips and hacks on products that you can’t buy second hand, (toothbrushes for one!) and environmentally better solutions for things we all need like laundry products and shampoo.

Ultimately it is possible to still enjoy life and upgrade your wardrobe, your house and kit your kids out, without plundering the planet for more resources, but it can seem hard and time consuming. 2Hand helps you become the new you, the you that cares about the future. It enables you to join the circular economy and be green in everyday consumer choices.