20. Farly

Company: Farly

Website: https://farly.co/

Founder: Farleigh Hungerford


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About Farly

Farly is a UK sustainable fashion-tech startup capitalising on the digital transformation of the industry with the launch of a sustainable online social marketplace, coming as a reaction to the fast fashion waste, mass production and onslaught deadstock currently experienced in the fashion industry. Farly’s mission is to revolutionise the way people shop online making it fun, creative, social and better curated.

Offering online users a new, playful visually stimulating shopping experience through designing virtual shop windows. Revolutionising the way we shop with unique product discovery, a news feed of shop windows, an in-built messaging service, direct access to a community of other designers and an in-built checkout.

Farly comes at a time where we see growing trends in Gen-Z’s social shopping habits, a rise in second-hand resale, a focus on customer journey and experiences and a move away from fast fashion products to more responsibly sourced sustainable products.

Farly founder, Ms Farleigh Hungerford, said:

“The results of environmental damage paralleling a desire to protect the planet has resulted in generations now wanting alternative ways to live sustainably. This has led to an increase in second-hand goods as people try to reduce, reuse and recycle. People are rethinking ways to protect our natural world socially, economically, and environmentally and that includes how we manufacture, shop and interact with products.

Major changes in consumers habits have shown trends are no longer dictated by brands but more by individuals. Now more than ever people are starting to value good curation as we start to appreciate a more considered product curation- being influenced by one’s social followers and community is helping drive this. People want to portray their individualism, set their own trends – all while being eco-conscious. We believe Gen-Z’s social shopping habits will continue to grow.

It is predicted that the resale market will be bigger than fast fashion by 2029 as traditional charity shops sell more items and the for-profit resale market balloons.

We believe there will be an eventual move away from fast fashion products to more responsibly sourced sustainable products and everyone will want to do more to look after the planet and products we buy. Ideally these changes will dramatically increase the life-cycle of garments, promote a circular economy and reduce carbon-cost-per-use.”

Farly values good curation as the driving force. Where there is huge value in well considered, sustainable product curation, providing value in the shopping experience and connecting users with trendsetters, allowing users to assert themselves creatively and monetise from their curation, whilst doing something good for the environment.

The ultimate vision is to redefine consumer culture as: more conscious, more mindful and better informed – after all, looking after the environment should be everyone’s responsibility.