19. Clim8

clim8 founder

Company: Clim8

Website: https://clim8invest.com/

Founder: Duncan Grierson


Clim8 Invest


About Clim8

Launched in March 2021 on iOS and Android, Clim8 Invest is an easy-to-use app for people looking to make a positive impact with their investments. Investment products for retail clients, such as ISA and General Investment Account, are invested in companies and specialist green funds focused on tackling the climate crisis. Core themes are clean energy, clean technology, smart mobility, clean water, the circular economy, and sustainable food.

Clim8 was founded in 2019 by cleantech entrepreneur Duncan Grierson. Duncan had the idea for Clim8 – the light bulb moment was realising that there was no existing way to invest easily into great companies that are making a difference on climate change. Clim8 has a team of 31 professionals with backgrounds in sustainable investing and technology. To dates, Clim8 has raised £10m in funding including £2m from Channel 4 Ventures.

Duncan has 20 years experience in the green space, he is an EY Entrepreneur of Year Cleantech award winner and has built and invested into a range of sustainability focused companies. As CEO and founder he has raised over $100m from Goldman Sachs, Fidelity, et al. He is a Non-Executive Director of Gresham House’s Renewable Energy VCT Plc listed on the London Stock Exchange. Before starting his first business, he was a venture capital investor with TCVC in London, Paris and Silicon Valley. Duncan has two small children and like every parent, he wants to leave a better future for them.

Duncan believes that for a lot of people the area of investing is confusing and full of jargon, something that is only accessible for the very wealthy. At the same time, over the last months there has been a lot of news about greenwashing. A lot of new jargon like “ESG” has emerged and understandably many people feel overwhelmed which has been both a challenge but also a great opportunity to start a meaningful conversation with potential customers who are interested in the topic.

Clim8 wants to make sure its customers feel safe and secure when they invest.