18. Supercritical


Company: Supercritical

Website: https://www.gosupercritical.com/

Founders: Michelle You & Aaron Randall


About Supercritical

Supercritical is a software platform that’s fighting the climate crisis by helping technology businesses get to net zero. The technology sector has a carbon footprint greater than that of the entire aviation industry, and although many tech companies have committed to net zero, most are struggling to deliver.

Supercritical wants to fix that and make it easy for every tech company to have a meaningful climate impact, whether or not they have a dedicated in-house sustainability team. Its consumer-grade software assesses a company’s carbon impact, creates an actionable plan for reducing emissions, and recommends a portfolio of high-quality carbon removal offsets to purchase.

Importantly, Supercritical only sells carbon removal offsets like direct air capture, biochar and bio-oil sequestration. This is because, unlike conventional offsets, they are the only legitimate route to net zero.

Conventional offsets work by paying someone else not to emit, with classic examples being renewable energy projects and clean cookstoves. The problem is that a company emits a tonne of carbon, pays someone else not to emit, but its tonne is still out there warming the planet.

Carbon removal technologies are different because they actually remove carbon from the atmosphere.  Research into these technologies is costly, and many are still in the early stages of development. Supercritical’s platform is a market-maker for these emerging carbon removal solutions, aggregating demand and helping them scale and innovate much faster than otherwise possible.

Supercritical’s customers include Tide, what3words and Faculty. It is also a member of the Tech Zero taskforce – a group of innovative UK tech companies working together to fight the climate crisis and accelerate progress to net zero.