17. Buttercup Learning

Company: Buttercup Learning

Website: https://buttercuplearning.com/

Founder: Rachel Mills


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About Buttercup Learning

Buttercup Learning is an eco-educational content company with an interdisciplinary team of educators, scientists and writers to create captivating content on sustainability and the natural world for young children.

They strive to inspire children to live sustainably by helping them develop their connection with nature and providing positive actions they can take in their own gardens, homes and neighbourhoods. Buttercup Learning offers multisensory, action-packed learning through literacy and conservation books, e-learning, and posters with augmented reality.

As you scan their posters, you reveal additional educational content such as illustrations, videos, animations, and when you click a button, you are taken to our e-learning sites with more sustainable educational content. They donate a small percentage of the proceeds from the sale of their AR nature posters to conservation trusts.

Launched at the height of the first lockdown, they still managed to successfully crowdfund for their UK first nature phonics book with augmented reality. A demo version of their first title – Insects’ Alphabet with augmented reality is currently being tested with primary school audiences. The companion online E-Learning portal further tests and consolidates this learning. Their freemium e-learning portal content will uniquely align to UN Sustainability Goals and the recently published UK Outdoor Learning National Curriculum. Their free materials will support teachers and parents with young children across the globe.

Buttercup Learning strives to build a regenerative business as a positive member that considers its environmental and ethical impact at all stages of a product’s life cycle. They are keen to only work with suppliers whose ethics match their own and who have sustainability at the heart of their business. They are building a truly flexible work culture and have been recognised for their approach to hiring, training, coaching, and work/life balance.

Buttercup Learning are passionate about the environment, so they are ensuring their products are plastic free. Their web hosting provider, Erjjio, plants two trees for them every month through the Eden Reforestation Project. Erjjio powers their website with 100% renewable energy, and their site has been optimised to reduce its carbon emissions.

As they work towards their goal of zero emissions, they tax themselves for the amount of carbon they do emit and fund projects that offset their footprint. Buttercup Learning has joined a growing community of Stripe users committed to carbon removal and scaling technologies to combat climate change.