25. Biovate Hygienics

Company: Biovate Hygienics

Founder: Nicholas Winstone

Website: https://www.biovatehygienics.com/


About Biovate Hygienics

Biovate Hygienics has made a dynamic entry into the commercial cleaning sector with a vision of sustainable innovation and positive disruption. The start-up, launched in April 2022, has pioneered the migration to sustainable cleaning products, using the power of nature’s biological cleaning activities.

Co-founders Nick Winstone, an experienced biological cleaning entrepreneur, and Tom Burkill, owner of a leading UK private label manufacturer, believed that the pace of sustainable change needed to be escalated, particularly for liquid cleaning products.

Having listened to the market’s requirements, a team of scientists and procurement professionals created a new range for the start-up’s launch, and the second, which required longer-term new product development, last month. Biovate use only bacteria, enzymes, plant-based surfactants and naturally occurring acids as active ingredients.

Biovate focused on the hospitality sector at launch, predicting it would gain traction quickly, which was the case. It engaged with one national and one distribution partner per UK region on an exclusive partnership basis so they would appoint Biovate as their primary suppliers. This partnership approach was embraced by distributors and resulted in sales of over £150,000 in the first month.

At the recent Cleaning Show in London Biovate launched its ground-breaking ‘Zero Compromise’ range, representing a ‘world first’ for the commercial cleaning sector by being a nature-powered product packaged in plastic-free paper bottles. Backed by a £100,000 investment, this range has realised the founders’ vision of positive disruption of the cleaning industry and eliminating plastic in liquid cleaning products. Biovate ensured that the range is incredibly cost-effective, amounting to just a few pence per spray bottle. Their multi-purpose 500 ml cleaner concentrate makes up to 250 spray bottles.

The UK-made plastic-free bottle uses sustainably sourced vegetable waste fibre paper pulp. Its interior features a bio liner protecting the inside, preventing contact with Biovate’s products. This coating is made from natural pure plant sap latex while the outer case is infused with natural seaweed extract for added water resistance and helps to break down the paper fibres quicker if composted.

The paper can be pulped in most recycling centres and the natural coating comes away to be used within the organic waste stream for composting back to nature. The bottle’s screw neck and cap are made of Moso Bamboo that can also be recycled.
Biovate has a small core team with field-based staff driving electric vehicles and carrying out site surveys using a virtual survey platform. Their head office is in an A-rated energy-efficient building powered by sustainable energy. It also runs a completely paperless operation for all customer documents. Biovate – based in the countryside near Towcester, Northamptonshire – achieved over £2 million in sales in its first 9 months.


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