26. Future

Company: Future

Founder: Jean-Louis Warnholz

Website: https://www.future.green/


About Future

Future is a U.S.-based climate-focused financial technology company building a payments and rewards ecosystem for the low-carbon economy, inspiring the shift to low-carbon products and services with financial incentives. Powered by its suite of embedded financial tools, Future pays people to reduce carbon and pioneers essential financial infrastructure to decarbonize the economy.

Future’s premier product, the FutureCard Visa Debit Card, launched in September of 2022, is the first card to reward U.S. consumers with up to 6% cashback for climate-friendly actions such as taking public transportation, EV charging, riding e-bikes and/or scooters, shopping secondhand, and buying meat and/or dairy alternatives. Future partners with companies big and small, including Volkswagen, Back Market, Rad Power Bikes, Just Salad, PLNT Burger, and more, to reward sustainable choices and expand the cashback opportunities for its cardholders.

Future’s dual focus on more cash and less carbon, at a time of inflation and high-interest rates, has driven rapid growth, issuing over 10,000 cards since launch, with members in every U.S. state relying on Future to put extra cash in their pocket for climate-friendly purchases.

FutureCoins, launched earlier this year, is the company’s novel rewards program that empowers people to generate and sell their own carbon credits. It’s centred around “Missions”, such as switching to an electric vehicle, opting for public transit instead of driving, saving on gas and electricity, or purchasing refurbished electronics, to accelerate progress in curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

Future’s embedded financial tools incentivize and quantify decarbonisation. Around 20% of purchases on the FutureCard are climate-smart with thousands of tons in lower carbon emissions compared to the prevalent alternative (e.g., EV charging vs. filling up on gas). Across its Missions, Future is tracking close to 10,000 tons of verifiable carbon reductions once ongoing Missions are complete.

At $90/ton, the carbon price Future has introduced is over 30 times the level of average prices in the voluntary market, and closer to the $135/ton the IPCC has called for to slow global warming. By making carbon visible and valuable to consumers everywhere, Future puts climate considerations front and centre to inform everyday purchasing decisions.

By identifying and complementing incentives already available under the Inflation Reduction Act, Future defrays the cost of climate-friendly purchases for families and individuals, making it more accessible and economical to lower your carbon footprint.


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