29. Varda – Field Data Exchange

Company: Varda – Field Data Exchange

Founder: Davide Ceper

Website: https://varda.ag/


About Varda – Field Data Exchange

Varda is an ag-tech start-up on a mission to make the agricultural sector more sustainable by enabling the use of data produced by farming and better collaboration across the food industry. To do this, Varda is tackling the challenge of data fragmentation in the agricultural industry and addressing the lack of a common standard for indexing and collection of farm data. Varda has developed Global Field ID, a platform that, after ingesting field boundaries, assigns a unique alphanumeric code to each agricultural field with the aim of accelerating the transition towards a nature-positive food system.

Founded in 2021, Varda set out to break the silos of farm and field data to transform the way information is gathered, analysed and shared. This encourages the scaling-up of regenerative agriculture and enhances trust in ‘climate finance’ tools promoting carbon farming or biodiversity programs, and builds efficient record-keeping of field input application history.

Varda’s digital platform, Global Field ID, is an API-based system that assigns a Unique ID number to every agricultural land plot to reduce data fragmentation in the ag-food supply chain. Varda’s Global Field ID is akin to a ‘QR code for fields’ that allows the identification of land plots in a common way across digital farming tools, agricultural service providers and the food value chain. Making the flow of information among industry participants easier and cheaper.

So far, the Global Field ID platform has ingested more than 12,000,000 field boundaries, and the service is available in France, the Netherlands and the UK. In March, Varda announced an agreement with Yara International and Syngenta Group, two leaders in the crop nutrition and agricultural innovation industry, respectively, for the adoption of Global Field ID. Yara and Syngenta Group are currently working to develop use cases for the rollout of the technology across their activities. This will improve the connectivity between their digital farming tools and provide more efficient communication with stakeholders beyond the ‘farmgate’.

Looking ahead Varda aims to sign more licences, bringing onboard forward-looking companies that wish to make food production more sustainable. It has recently launched its operations in Brazil and is looking to expand to the US in 2023. In the next few years, Varda plans to make the Global Field ID service active in 15 markets and to cover 1 billion acres of agricultural land.


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