30. COAT Paints

Company: COAT Paints

Founders: Rob Abrahams and Rob Green

Website: https://coatpaints.com/


About COAT Paints

Founded by Rob Green and Rob Abrahams, COAT is the first B Corp certified paint company in the UK – building on credentials as Carbon Negative, through clever innovations in how we make, and sell, paint. Appealing to a new generation of conscious decorators, we’ve reimagined the painting experience – from inspiration and advice to choosing and buying paint through a DTC approach.

As a DTC brand, COAT is built on community – inspiring a generation of homeowners to transform their homes in an environmentally conscious way.

Order Peel & Stick swatches from 70 shades and easily try them out at home. Then order luxury eco-paint and paint supplies delivered to your home the next day. Other paint brands have them, but ours are the only ones using real paint; and no adhesives so they’re easily recyclable.

All COAT paints are 100% water-based, low-toxin and uniquely made to order with our zero-waste production model. What’s more, COAT uses 360-loop recycling – customers can return excess paint and tins for 100% recycling meaning zero to landfill.


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