31. ility

Company: ility

Founder: Marcus Moufarrige

Website: https://ility.com/


About ility

Founded in 2020, ility is the all-in-one modern data platform for centralising, organising, and analysing your real estate data and understanding your customers. Their technology is now providing over 60 million sqft of real estate worldwide with the technology to achieve next-generation real estate goals.

The pressure to take action against climate change is mounting, and with 40% of the world’s carbon emissions coming from real estate, decarbonisation is a top priority in 2023. As energy regulations such as EPC guidelines continue to tighten, it’s more important than ever for real estate to take steps towards sustainability.

Many real estate owners are using technology to collect and analyse emissions data from their units, assets and portfolio. Whilst this technology can reduce a building’s carbon footprint, it can be challenging to ensure that the correct emissions data is communicated to the relevant stakeholders. Analysing data from various disconnected and disparate sources can also be complex and result in limited insights.

To yield the best return on this technology and make maximum progress towards carbon reduction goals, owners and operators need a platform to connect and analyse their ESG data which can be easily communicated and understood by all stakeholders.

ility has been working with a large European financial services provider to deliver a large-scale, cohesive digital emissions reduction solution to help them understand and interpret their ESG data and ultimately reduce emissions.

By carefully assessing the client’s needs and existing solutions, ility engineered and delivered a series of bespoke features that ensure the relevant ESG data is distributed to key stakeholders. ility connected emissions and leasing data to streamline communication of energy use to the end user. This provides building owners with powerful insights into the energy performance of their portfolio at a unit level, which equips them with the intel to reduce carbon emissions.

Emissions data is complex, therefore ility presents the information in sleek visualisations and graphs that any stakeholder can easily digest.

By delivering these features as a part of the clients existing ility-built platform, ility also enabled the client to deliver ancillary services and redefine their brand to focus on ESG. As a result, they were able to provide an engaged, versatile and service-oriented offering to their clients through the ility platform.

Simply put, real estate’s current approach to sustainability is failing. As it stands, most buildings will fail to meet emissions reduction targets. Decarbonisation is a complex task with no single solution. However, being equipped with a streamlined, effective understanding of a building’s emissions data is crucial to gain the relevant insights to decarbonise. ility is excited to continue working to make real estate more sustainable and to continue innovating to create bespoke ESG solutions for their clients.


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