32. Satellite Vu

Company: Satellite Vu

Founder: Anthony Baker

Website: https://www.satellitevu.com


About Satellite Vu

Satellite Vu – The World’s Thermometer:

Satellite Vu was founded in 2016 to fill the void in high-resolution thermal data from space. It has, since then, turned into an award-winning high-growth space tech company poised to help the globe address its sustainability challenges through high-resolution thermal imaging. Satellite Vu has partnered with Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd to build the satellite constellation and with SpaceX for the first two satellite launches planned for June 2023 and early 2024.

Satellite Vu is developing its technology to be able to measure and assess the energy efficiency of every building on the planet. It is actively engaging with partners in the UK to assist in its Net Zero journey, with the intent of scaling this solution once the first satellite is in space. By identifying the worst performers, Satellite Vu’s technology will drive an immediate and big-hitting impact on the reduction of carbon footprints in the built environment. It will also drive savings across other industries, including the NHS, saving £450M per year, by tackling cold and poorly insulated buildings.

Satellite Vu’s imagery and derived analytics are being developed for many applications, including disaster response and the monitoring of wildfires, as well as activity monitoring and verifying Green claims, plus the urban heat island effect and water pollution. Its disruptive technology, offering an unprecedented resolution of 3.5m is going to be a game changer with ripple effects across multiple sectors that are already deploying satellite data for their solutions, but also sectors that are new to the power of satellite earth observation technology. Satellite Vu is bringing its infrared technology as a commercial product for the first time. Previously infrared imagery was only available from government programs such as Landsat and much lower resolution of 100m.

Its high-resolution technology offers a new way to analyse activity and detect changes and anomalies. It will provide an information advantage for decision-makers in government, defence, climate finance, asset management, trading, investment, and operation sectors. As well as images, Satellite Vu will provide 60-second videos with 25 frames per second, which enables the visualisation of dynamic changes over time and the build-up of a pattern of life.

In February 2023, Satellite Vu secured £81M worth of purchase options from thirty companies for its Early Access Programme (EAP). Since then this number has reached over £100M, which shows the wide market interest to get their hands on this data.

Through the commitment to their EAP, Satellite Vu is on track to be the first to market with a space-based solution that will offer the capabilities that the government and commercial sector require to take action on the environmental impact our modern life is making on our planet.


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