33. Nedap Retail

Company: Nedap Retail

Founder: Ruben Wegman

Website: https://www.nedap-retail.com


About Nedap Retail

Nedap was founded in 1929 and for more than 90 years, we have served people with technology. In 1947, we were listed on NYSE Euronext Amsterdam and in 1973 started pioneering RFID technology. Out of this, Nedap Retail was founded with the mission to make it simple for retailers to always have the right products available. We do this by helping retailers achieve perfect inventory visibility, with zero waste and no losses.

Retailers need to evaluate their supply chain management while also operating effectively and sustainably. The best way to solve this is by tracking every unique item’s movement throughout the supply chain and collecting data in a cloud-based inventory repository. Whether it’s in-store, at a distribution centre or through loss prevention efforts, businesses can keep track of every single item using RFID technology from the moment it leaves the production factory to shipping, sales and returns.

The wide adoption of RFID is driven by the need for increased inventory accuracy, and minimizing environmental and financial waste by reducing safety stocks. Inventory visibility and accuracy allow retailers to lessen their total stock holding while still selling more, allocate products to stores which need them and lower safety thresholds. Inventory visibility can also unlock additional insights from a consumer’s perspective, such as allowing them to check a product’s provenance.

Nedap’s iD Cloud Platform, an integrated suite of SaaS solutions purposefully built for RFID technology allows retailers and brands to create real-time inventory visibility with zero waste and no losses by tracking every unique item movement throughout the supply chain and collecting data in a cloud-based inventory repository, whether it’s in-store, a distribution centre or through loss prevention efforts.

The platform has more than 10,000 contracted stores across the globe, which makes Nedap iD Cloud the fastest-growing RFID platform available today. An example of this is our recently formed partnerships with Hugo Boss, PUMA North America and SNIPES, which has seen the implementation of Nedap’s iD Cloud Platform to improve merchandise availability across all customer touchpoints, allowing the delivery of a more seamless shopping experience.

The wider Nedap business is passionate about creating true value for its customers. Since 2014, the headquarters has made full use of renewable energy and the business is working towards being completely gas-free by 2030. To meet these goals, the company is investing in more solar panels, changing the vehicle fleet to electric and actively discouraging business air travel for short distances. The business is also conducting life cycle analyses of its products to be able to reduce their impact on the planet and continues to demonstrate strong progress in streamlining its internal operations and services. Nedap’s efforts were also recognised at this year’s EuroShop, where our stand was made from untreated wood and recycled denim.


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